Discrimination on the basis of nationality

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681 documents for Discrimination on the basis of nationality
  • THE battle to save Tyneside jobs has sparked a European legal battle. Euro MP Stephen Hughes today confirmed he had made a formal complaint to the European Union over the loss of jobs at Trench UK in Hebburn.

    ... North East workers on the grounds of nationality, he claimed. Mr Hughes said: "Siemens has not ... believe it is down to discrimination on the basis of nationality and, from the evidence I have ...

  • I'VE recently petitioned the European Parliament about the disgraceful situation under which foreign vehicles are exempt from prosecution if found speeding in Britain (Mail). There's obviously a clear case of discrimination on the basis of nationality. If the petition is successful, the European Commission might be asked to issue proceedings against the UK Government, especially as it would seem that the law actually prevents the police from pursuing foreign speeders.

  • The rule in regulation 2(2)(a) of the Social Security Pensions (Home Responsibilities) Regulations 1994 (SI 1994/704), restricting HRP to those in receipt of UK child benefit, in conjunction with the presence or residence test in child benefit, acts as a restriction on the right of free movement in the EU and is not objectively justified. Accordingly, on the facts of the present case Article 21 TFEU and Regulation 1408/71 requires the Secretary of State, for the purposes of awarding a state retirement pension, to take account of the Appellant's child-raising period in Belgium as if that period had been completed in the UK and the Appellant's pre-existing award of child benefit had continued uninterrupted. Thus the Secretary of State (and HMRC) must take into account, for the purpose of c...

    ... to the prohibition of indirect discrimination on grounds of nationality, enshrined in Article 3 ... ECR 153. Discrimination on the basis of nationality: Article 3 of Regulation 1408/71. ...

  • ANORTH East Euro MP has made a formal complaint to the EU over the loss of jobs on Tyneside. Manufacturing giants Siemens has faced fierce opposition after it announced plans to close Hebburn-based Trench UK in 2012 despite record profits in recent years. Last night, Jarrow MP Stephen Hughes claimed Siemens and the German Government were breaching EU legislation with the job losses.

    ... North East workers on the grounds of nationality, he claimed. Mr Hughes said: "Siemens has not ..."Workers believe it is down to discrimination on the basis of nationality, and from the ...

  • CONTINUING our regular column of advice for dealing with situations in the workplace. This week, we've teamed up with advicenow to explain the important issues about race discrimination at work. If you experience discrimination at work on the basis of your race or nationality you can take legal action.

  • .... DISCRIMINATION IN EUROPE . A Netherlands parent company had made ... prohibition against discrimination on the basis of nationality. . The argument is that a German ...

  • ... has, by virtue of his or her Irish nationality, a right to reside in the Republic of Ireland. In ... that refusal, asserting direct discrimination on grounds of her nationality contrary to article ... come to this country to work here, but the basis of her residence in this country is irrelevant to ...

  • THE annual congress of Fifa, world football's governing body, gave its overwhelming support yesterday to a resolution which could bring about the biggest change in the sport since the Bosman ruling. The '6+5' rule, which would restrict clubs to five foreigners in their starting line-ups for domestic league games, was passed with 155 votes in favour and only five against.

    ..."This would be direct discrimination on the basis of nationality, which is ...

  • WE pride ourselves in having a thriving knowledge economy, and that we have attracted the biggest technology firms to base here - but to produce its latest app the Government has hired a firm from Germany. Transport Ireland this week launched the Journey Plan app that helps users plan trips all using public transport.

    ..., which she said 'prohibits any discrimination in the awarding of Government contracts on the sis of nationality. 'Irish companies benefit from these rules ...

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    ... claimant had taken proceedings for nationality discrimination. In addition, the claimant was ... the employee, to inform him of the basis for those grounds, and then when the employee has ...

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