Agricultural Costs in UK Law

  • Book Reviews : The Costs of the Common Agricultural Policy, Allan E. Buckwell, David R. Harvey, Kenneth J. Thomson and Kevin A. Parton, Croom Helm, 1982, £12.95
    • Nbr. 7-4, October 1982
    • International Relations
  • Norwegian Political Economy and European Integration
    • Nbr. 30-4, December 1995
    • Cooperation and Conflict
    The typical farmer in Norway receives more support from the state than the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) provides to the average farmer in the European Union (EU). The sheltered agricultural sec...
  • Performance of National Agricultural Advisory Services projects in Uganda. Does stakeholder commitment matter?
    • Nbr. 9-2/3, July 2013
    • World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development
    • 155-167
    Purpose: The increased poor performance of National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) projects in Uganda has become a concern of many stakeholders. Many NAADS projects have been undertaken wit...
    ...... out of poverty.One of the reasons is that they don’t see themselves ac hievingany benefits from these projects, the projects require high costs of agricultu ral extension serviceswhich cannot be afforded by the farmers and also because the poor people lack farmer groups toparticipate in the ......
    • Nbr. 27-4, December 1993
    • Journal of Documentation
    • 243-253
    ASSASSIN as designed and operated by ICI Agricultural Division, provides from, a single paper tape input a current awareness service by SDI and a retrospective search both by a weighted term machin...
    ......R. CLOUGH and K. M. BRAMWELL* Agricultural Division, Imperial Chemical Industries Limited, Billingham, Teesside ...Machine costs are given for the major application. The system was designed with the ......
  • Agricultural practices in a drought-prone region of India: opportunities for S&T innovations
    • Nbr. 16-4, October 2019
    • World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development
    • 208-226
    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to assess the agricultural practices in a drought-prone region of India in an effort to find out how science, technology and innovation (STI) measures can addr...
    ......Adoption of modern agricultural practices and use oftechnology is inadequate which is further hampered by ignorance of such practices, high costs andimpracticality in the case of small land holdings.Originality/value –This paper has advocated for well-organised, efficient and result-oriented ......
  • A model for assessing the impact of cloud computing on the success of customer relationship management systems (case study: agricultural companies)
    • Nbr. 21-5, August 2019
    • Digital Policy, Regulation and Governance
    • 461-475
    Purpose: Nowadays, communications, products, services and costs are customized through the internet technology. The main theory to continue competitiveness in the organizations is customer relation...
    ...... Lesani, Mahdi Ghasvari, Lila Rajabion, Mehdi Darbandi andAlireza HassaniAbstractPurpose –Nowadays, communications, products, services and costs are customized through theinternet technology. The main theory to continue competitiveness in the organizations is customerrelationship management ......
  • An analysis of the opportunities for information technology in improving access, transfer and the use of agricultural information in the rural areas of Kenya
    • Nbr. 20-2, March 1999
    • Library Management
    • 115-128
    Presented at the SCANUL‐ECS Conference held in Kenya 23‐26 July 1998. Examines the opportunities of information technology (IT) in improving access, transfer and use of agricultural information in ...
    ......, fast and inexpensivecommunication channels, links between different media,easy and enjoyable use at comparatively and steadilydeclining costs. Concludes that for IT to have more impacton rural development, it should be needs driven, ratherthan technology driven. This can only be achieved if ......
  • Collection development procedure adopted for acquisition of EIRs across agricultural libraries of northern India
    • Nbr. 39-1, August 2019
    • Collection and Curation
    • 1-5
    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to explore the change(s) brought about by the advent of electronic information resources in the overall collection development process across agricultural libr...
    ...... seen to take advantage of e-mail correspondence to identify, select and acquire best possibleinformation products against utmost economical costs. The responsibility of identifying and selecting the required items devolves mainly withscientists/subject experts, whereas the requisitions of ......
  • Contribution of mobile phones in expanding human capabilities in selected rural districts of Tanzania
    • Nbr. 68-6/7, September 2019
    • Global Knowledge, Memory and Communication
    • 491-503
    Purpose: This study aims to investigate the use of mobile phones in enhancing human capabilities and agricultural development among small-scale farmers in selected rural districts of Tanzania. The ...
    ...... framework toinvestigatethe link between mobile phones and agricultural development.A case study design was employedwhereby focusgroup discussions ... to information andcommunication services and reductionof transport costs. Rural farmers experienced family conflicts duetoprotectiveness ......
  • Three-level supply chain coordination of fresh agricultural products in the Internet of Things
    • Nbr. 117-9, October 2017
    • Industrial Management & Data Systems
    • 1842-1865
    Purpose: The Internet of Things (IoT) is used in the fresh agricultural product (FAP) supply chain, which can be coordinated through a revenue-sharing contract. The purpose of this paper is to make...
    ......The purpose of this paper is to make the three-levelsupply chain coordinate in IoT by considering the influence of FAP on market demand and costs ofcontrolling freshness on the road.Design/methodology/approach –A three-level FAP supply chain that comprises a manufacturer,distributor, and ......
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