Birds in UK Law

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  • Birds, Birds, Birds: Co‐Worker Similarity, Workplace Diversity and Job Switches
    • No. 58-3, September 2020
    • British Journal of Industrial Relations
    We investigate how the demographic composition of the workforce along the sex, nationality, education, age and tenure dimensions affects job switches. Fitting duration models for workers’ job‐to‐jo...
  • Birds of Passage
    • No. 38-7, July 1965
    • Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles
    In our May issue we published an article by Supt. A. G. Rose (Manchester City Police) on the general problem of the coloured immigrant, which constituted a plea for understanding. The following con...
  • Birds and sluts
    • No. 22-1, January 2016
    • International Review of Victimology
    The sexual abuse of young women by gang members in the UK is a subject of concern. The Coalition Government has outlined its commitment to ending gang violence and as part of this overall enterpris...
  • Police & Protection of Wild Birds
    • No. 27-2, April 1954
    • Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles
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