Commercial Tenancy in UK Law

  • The Judicial Control Of Contractual Unfairness*
    • Núm. 46-5, Septiembre 1983
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... this new philosophy is Article 2-302 of the Uniform Commercial Code., which gives American courts an overriding discretion to ... Skolnick, 396 N.Y.S. 2d. 130 (1977) (commercial tenancy); Fulkerton v. Reese, 599 P. 2d. 550 (1979) (residential ......
  • Parliamentary Disqualification for Financial Conflicts
    • Núm. 47-4, Diciembre 2019
    • Federal Law Review
    When should financial interests bar someone from election to or service in Parliament? This article critically analyses the case law on the Constitution’s provisions on pecuniary interests and offi...
    ...... What demarks Day’s Case as significant is not, however, the commercial realism applied to the Byzantine dealings affecting the building in ... arrangements, including an appar- ently arms’ length commercial tenancy, failed to meet their ‘conceivable influence’ test. As Tony ......
    • Núm. 51-1, Febrero 1989
    • Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics
    ......, is 'backward' by virtually any measure - productivity, commercialization, incomes, literacy and mortality - with an oppressively traditional ... credit transactions in Biliar to be extensively interlinked with tenancy and labour contracts. In Punjab, however, the increasingly capitalist ......
  • Recognition of Lesbian and Gay Families in Australian Law — Part One: Couples∞
    • Núm. 34-1, Marzo 2006
    • Federal Law Review
    ...... (WA); Anzac Day Act 1960 (WA); Bush Fires Act 1954 (WA); Commercial Tenancy (Retail Shops) Agreements Act 1985 (WA); Companies ......
  • Certainty of Leasehold Term
    • Núm. 57-1, Enero 1994
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... These terms provided that, ‘the tenancy shall continue until the . . . land is required by the ... An appropriate commercial rent for the land by this time would have been in the order ......
  • Landlord and Tenant Act 1954: time for a change?. Landlord and tenant update
    • Núm. 33-1, Febrero 2015
    • Journal of Property Investment & Finance
    • 107-112
    Purpose: – This legal update examines recent decisions on the security of tenure given by Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 to business tenants, and asks whether it is time to revisit or remove a piece ...
    ......, technical rules and distinctions thatmake little sense to commercial parties. The paper aims to discuss these ... either to demand a significant rent increase inreturn for a new tenancy, or to step in an reap the benefits of the goodwill built up bythe tenant. ......
  • Seeds of peace? Land reform and civil war recurrence following negotiated settlements
    • Núm. 54-1, Marzo 2019
    • Cooperation and Conflict
    Land reform has been depicted by some as an effective element of counterinsurgency strategy in nations experiencing peasant-based civil conflict. While some studies have argued that land reform red...
    ...... Tenancy arrangements can be based on fixed rents in cash or in kind, or on crop ... arrangements, as well as resident laborers on large commercial estates. Those who operate in land tenure categories marked by weaker ......
  • Legislation: The Housing Act 1988
    • Núm. 52-5, Septiembre 1989
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... The first of the new forms of tenancy was known as an “assured tenancy.” This was a tenancy which ... as the ancillary power to acquire and manage commercial property. It also gives the Housing Corporation wide powers ......
  • Statutes And Reports Of Committees: Report of the Committee on Housing in Greater London1 Rent Act 1965
    • Núm. 29-2, Marzo 1966
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... 1 (8)) to every tenancy of a dwelling- house of which the rateable value on ... to draft licences instead of lenses in normal commercial cases. ‘‘ Occupier ” means any person lawfully ......
  • Renovations in lieu of rent in Spanish tenancy law
    • Núm. 10-2, Julio 2018
    • Journal of Property, Planning and Environmental Law
    • 140-153
    Purpose: In the context of difficulties in access to housing, the Spanish Act 4/2013 introduced a new article 17.5 into the Act on Urban Leases 1994 (LAU). This paper regulates the so-called renova...
    ...... lieu of rentThe current version of the LAU provides special rules both for tenancies for housingpurposes and for other uses (tenancies for commercial premises or for a temporaryhousingneed), but when the contract is for housing purposes, parties cannot contravene somemandatory provisions(art. 6 ......
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