Energy in UK Law

  • Solar Energy
    • Contents
    • Renewable Energy from Wind and Solar Power
    • William Webster
    • 205-226
  • Mapping Global Energy Governance
    • No. 2-s1, September 2011
    • Global Policy
    The challenges inherent in energy policy form an increasingly large proportion of the great issues of global governance. These energy challenges reflect numerous transnational market or governance ...
  • Nuclear energy.
    • No. 2011, January 2011
    • Financial Management (UK)
    • Prime number
    ...The leak of radioactive material from Japan's tsunami-damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant has been a blow for the industry. Governments in countries such as Germany and Italy have come 0 under increased pressure to roll back their investment plans ......
  • Energy Technique.
    • No. 2002, May 2002
    • Financial Management (UK)
    • Roberts, Louisa
    • On The Move
    ...Steve McNeice FCMA has been appointed group finance director and company secretary of Energy Technique. He was previously finance director of ET Environmental (formerly Benson Environmental). In his new role, McNeice will consolidate and strengthen t......
  • Ramco Energy.
    • No. 2002, May 2002
    • Financial Management (UK)
    • Roberts, Louisa
    • On The Move
    ...Ramco Energy, the exploration, production and oil services group, has appointed Terry Jones (left)as vice-president, commercial. In his new role, Jones will focus on commercial negotiations and evaluating project economics, the area he has been cover......
  • Woodside Energy.
    • No. 2006, February 2006
    • Financial Management (UK)
    ...Peter Coulson ACMA has joined Woodside Energy in Perth, Western Australia, as head of finance and planning for its African division. He was previously a finance manager at BHP Billiton Petroleum. ......
  • Governing Global Energy: Systems, Transitions, Complexity
    • No. 2-1, January 2011
    • Global Policy
    Global energy systems face multiple interconnected challenges which need to be addressed urgently and simultaneously, thus requiring unprecedented energy transitions. This article addresses the imp...
  • Insulation and Industrial Energy
    • No. 82-5/6, May 1982
    • Industrial Management & Data Systems
    • 23-25
    Impelled by the urgency of the energy crisis, one of business management's newest disciplines is spreading into most industrial and governmental organisations. Energy management, in common with its...
  • The International Energy Agency in Global Energy Governance
    • No. 2-s1, September 2011
    • Global Policy
    The International Energy Agency (IEA) is the organization that, despite its constrained membership, is as close as the world currently comes to a global focal point on the key energy governance are...
  • Redefining Energy in the Post-Pandemic Era
    • No. , August 2020
    • Global Energy Law & Sustainability
    • 164-168
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