Environmental Crimes in UK Law

  • The Waste (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2014
    • England & Wales
    • 1 de Enero de 2014
    .... S T A T U T O R Y I N S T R U M E N T S. 2014No. 656. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, ENGLAND AND WALES. The Waste (England and Wales) (Amendment) ... and Wales) Regulations 2000( 17),(l) Part 1 of the Vehicles (Crimes) Act 2001( 18),(m) regulation 17(1) of the Landfill (England and Wales) ......
  • The Legal Aid and Advice and Assistance (Miscellaneous Amendment) (Scotland) Regulations 2021
    • Scotland
    • 1 de Enero de 2021
    ......), Sedition, Treason, Offences under the 2000 Act, Torture, War crimes, Offences under the Explosive Substances Act 1883 ( 31) , sections 327 to ..., Mobbing and rioting, Indecent or Obscene Publications, Environmental Protection prosecutions, Health and Safety offences, Intellectual Property ......
  • The Legal Aid and Advice and Assistance (Scotland) (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2019
    • Scotland
    • 1 de Enero de 2019
    ......, Treason, Offences under the 2000 Act ( 33) , Torture, War crimes, Offences under the Explosive Substances Act 1883 ( 34) , sections 327 to ..., Mobbing and rioting, Indecent or Obscene Publications, Environmental Protection prosecutions, Health and Safety offences, Intellectual Property ......
  • Extradition Act 2003
    • UK Non-devolved
    • 1 de Enero de 2003
    ......Court Act 2001 (c. 17) (genocide, crimes against humanity and war. crimes);. . . (b) an offence under section 52 ...SCH-2.11 . 11 Computer-related crime. SCH-2.12 . 12 Environmental crime, including illicit trafficking in endangered animal species and in ......
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Books & Journal Articles
  • USA: Private Prosecution of Criminal Conduct
    • Núm. 5-2, Abril 1997
    • Journal of Financial Crime
    • 130-137
    In the USA, unlike Germany, Japan, and many other nations, victims ordinarily play a very limited role in the prosecution of crimes. Indeed, victims have so little prosecutorial authority that a gr...
    ...... y pla y a ver y limite d rol e i n th e prosecutio n o f crimes . Indeed , victim s hav e s o littl e prosecutoria l authorit y ... s General : Let' s D o i t Right' , Albany Law Environmental Outlook, Vol . 2 , pp . 17-18 . (31 ) Thes e statute s ar e ......
  • The crimes of first-time offenders: same or different from the crimes of habitual criminals?
    • Núm. 10-1, Enero 2020
    • Journal of Criminal Psychology
    • 1-15
    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to illustrate how first-time offenders and habitual criminals, while displaying wide differences in offense frequency, appear to follow a similar pattern in co...
    ......Social implications – Environmental stimuli, such as ev ents that produce general strai n, increase opportunities for crime, reinforce cri minal associations, irritate the indivi dual ......
  • Green groups launch offensive against negligent directors.
    • Núm. 2004, Junio 2004
    • Financial Management (UK)
    • News Round-Up - Brief Article
    ...Leading environmental bodies are calling for tougher penalties against company directors who are .... "We are pressing for stronger sentencing for environmental crimes and a wider range of sentencing options," a spokesman for the agency told ......
  • Environmental compliance in manufacturing: interpreting industry perceptions that we do but they don’t
    • Núm. 98-8, Diciembre 1998
    • Industrial Management & Data Systems
    • 352-355
    The environmental laws have placed manufacturing concerns in a quandary regarding compliance with the complex and far‐reaching web of regulations which affect practically every aspect of production...
    ......, the EPA contin ues to add to its crop of special agents authorized by the Pollution Prosecution Act of 1990 to inves- tigate environmental crimes (Pollution Prose- cution Act, 1990). To ensure changed attitudes on the part of owners, executives, managers and employees, federal enforcement ......
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Law Firm Commentaries
  • Higher Fines Imposed for Environmental Offences
    • JD Supra United Kingdom
    Powerday plc was issued a record fine in April this year for offences relating to operations involving over 17,000 tonnes of waste deposited and stored illegally. Powerday – one of the biggest wast...
  • Can Kicking and Buck Passing: Reform of Corporate Criminal Liability
    • JD Supra United Kingdom
    In January 2017, the UK Government issued a consultation paper calling for evidence on reforming corporate criminal liability for economic crime. Nearly four years later, on 3 November 2020, the Go...
    ...... their answers on liability for human rights abuses and environmental breaches, which were outside the scope. The consultation was focused ... of a similar statutory offence focused on specific economic crimes. This will allow incremental change, as the range of predicate offences ......
  • The Definition Of 'Ecocide'
    • Mondaq UK
    ......genocide and crimes against humanity and their application in the. Nuremberg Trials. In ...Rome Statute was ratified in 1998, creating the ICC, environmental. crimes were not included. In 2010, lawyer and environmental. campaigner ......
  • FAQ On Whistleblowing Hotlines: A Data Protection And Criminal Law Perspective
    • Mondaq UK
    ......179/2017 provides indications on reporting crimes and irregularities within the private and public employment context. More ...anticorruption, environmental damages, antitrust, discrimination)?. There are no specific restrictions ......
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