Ethics Violation in UK Law

  • The normative structure of information and its communication
    • Nbr. 8-2, May 2010
    • Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society
    • 150-163
    Purpose: Beginning with the initial premise that the internet has a global character, the purpose of this paper is to argue that the normative evaluation of digital information on the internet nece...
    ...... Howlett SpenceCentre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics (CAPPE),Charles Sturt University, Canberra, AustraliaDepartment of ...; and that thenegligent or purposeful abuse of information in violation of those commitments is also a violation ofuniversal rights to freedom and ......
  • Cyberbullying a desecration of information ethics. Perceptions of post-high school youth in a rural community
    • Nbr. 14-4, November 2016
    • Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society
    • 313-322
    Purpose: Cyberbullying occurs when a minor is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another child. Given that cyberbullying entails defamation or spreadi...
    ......Given that cyberbullying entails defamation orspreading false information or portfolios about someone, it is regarded as a violation of the ethical codeof information use. The purpose of the study was to explore the perceptions, experiences and challengesof post-high school youth ......
  • Conceptualizing moral literacy
    • Nbr. 45-4, July 2007
    • Journal of Educational Administration
    • 364-378
    Purpose: The purpose of this research is to provide an overview of the fundamental elements of moral literacy. Moral literacy involves three basic components: ethics sensitivity; ethical reasoning ...
    ......Moral literacy involves three basic components: ethics sensitivity; ethical reasoningskills; and moral imagination. It is the ... learned anything at all from the economic impact ofthe ethics violations of companies like Enron (Brewer and Hansen, 2004) or the socialand civic ......
  • New Development of Public Administration
    • Nbr. 65-4, December 1999
    • International Review of Administrative Sciences
    ......The formal development of codes of ethics and codes of conduct is con- sidered by the South African Government as a ... distinctive feature of this legislation is that complaints of violation of the code of ethics will be investigated by the Public Protector. This ......
  • Book Review: Western Europe: Sixty Days That Shook the West
    • Nbr. 19-2, June 1964
    • International Journal
    ...... A violation of professional ethics and good faith has been committed in ......
  • A social contract theory critique of professional codes of ethics
    • Nbr. 2-4, November 2004
    • Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society
    • 235-243
    This paper considers whether professional codes of ethics are enforceable, legitimate, and just. In analyzing codes of ethics in this way, one must consider whether they exist to benefit members of...
    ......In either case,a violation of the organization#s code ofethics brings no direct economic or legalpenalties. In such organizations, there isoften debate over whether there ......
  • Review: The Purpose of Intervention
    • Nbr. 59-2, June 2004
    • International Journal
    ...... Finally, for legal scholars of normative theory and ethics, the study of military intervention is of interest precisely cause it involves violation of a fun- damental principle of international law (state ......
  • Climate Change and Negative Duties
    • Nbr. 32-1, February 2012
    • Politics
    Climate change and its harmful effects are widely accepted. A common approach is to argue along the lines of Mill's ‘harm principle’: if we contribute to climate change, then we are likewise respon...
    ...... harmed, fulfilling a negative duty arising from their violation of the harm principle. I may have a .... 5 On anthropocentrism and climate change ethics", see Hassoun (2011). . 6 Consider the following objection. No one\xC2"......
  • The Post-9/11 World and Change in Law, Ethics and Armed Conflict
    • Nbr. 43-2, January 2015
    • Millennium: Journal of International Studies
    ......In the short term, security crises may instigate debate concerning obligations to international law, or even to its violation, but these debates are also marked by heightened attention to law and ethics and can shape both law and security policies in the long run. Rather ......
  • White collar crime: vulnerable women, predatory clergymen
    • Nbr. 4-4, November 2002
    • The Journal of Adult Protection
    • 23-33
    This paper examines themes that emerge from supporting adults who have been sexually violated by Church ministers and clergy. The author suggests that despite obstacles put in place by churches of ...
    ...... in the course of a PhD study onthe area of sexual violation. Very little workhas been undertaken in the UK on clergyabuse of adults ... sexual exploitation is, very simply,a gross violation of trust, of ethics, ofboundaries, of faith. It should be a crime.Until we grasp the nature of ......
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