Farm Land in UK Law

Leading Cases
  • Gilmore v Baker-Carr
    • Court of Appeal
    • 02 Julio 1962

    The definition may, of course, be wide enough to include other buildings, such as a broiler house, and if it is, effect must be given to the language, But the clear impression which I receive from the statutory language is that the buildings exempted were to be ancillary or complementary to the agricultural purpose of the land, and not vice vorsa. In the, present case If one begins with the land, one finds there Is no land upon which poultry farming is carried on.

  • Blackmore v Butler
    • Court of Appeal
    • 19 Mayo 1954

    There remains the question whether the cottage, by itself, was "used for agriculture" (which I take to mean "used for the purpose of agriculture" or "used in connection with agriculture") so as to constitute agricultural land. Taking, then, the history of this cottage into account, its situation and the purpose for which it was let to the Defendant it follows almost inevitably, as I think, that it is "agricultural land" and that the learned Judge was right in so deciding.

  • Lloyd v Brassey
    • Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
    • 26 Noviembre 1968

    As this is one of our first cases on the Redundancy Payments Act, 1965, it is as well to remind ourselves of the policy of this legislation. As I read the Act, a worker of long standing is now recognised as having an accrued right in his Job; and his right gains in value with the years. So much so that, if the Job is shutdown, he is entitled to compensation for loss of the Job - Just as a director gets compensation for lossof office.

  • Newborough (Lord) v Jones
    • Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
    • 17 Mayo 1974

    I have formed the view that, the subject-matter being a notice, it is implicit in the provisions of section 92 that, if served by leaving at the proper address of the person to be served, it must be left there in a proper way; that is to say, in a manner which a reasonable person, minded to bring the document to the attention of the person to whom the notice is addressed, would adopt.

  • Lucy Ann Andrews Habberfield v Jane Sarah Andrews Habberfield
    • Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
    • 23 Mayo 2019

    Looking back from the moment when assurances are repudiated, the nearer the overall outcome comes to the expected reciprocal performance of requested acts in return for the assurance, the stronger will be the case for an award based on or approximating to the expectation interest created by the assurance. That does no more than to recognise party autonomy to decide for themselves what a proportionate reward would be for the contemplated detriment.

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Books & Journal Articles
  • Institutional inefficiency: small farms starve India’s economy
    • Núm. 6-2, Agosto 2017
    • Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy
    • 206-223
    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to examine differences in property institutions in the USA and India and their effects on agricultural productivity. Design/methodology/approach: This paper u...
    ...... agricultural development in the USA and India, with a focus on changes in farm sizeover time.Findings –In the USA, unlimited individual land ownership has enabled the gradual,long-term developmentof scale economies in agriculture through the application of capital and technology. In ......
  • Land Sales and Rental Markets in Transition: Evidence from Rural Vietnam*
    • Núm. 70-1, Febrero 2008
    • Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics
    Impact and desirability of land transfers in post‐socialist‐transition economies have been subject of considerable debate. We use data from Vietnam to identify factors conducive to the development ...
    ...... sales transfer land to more productive producers but that rental is more important for the poor to access land that becomes available as the non-farm economy develops. The fact that secure land rights significantly increase supply of land to the rental market suggests that govern- ment has a key ......
  • Intergroup Conflict in the Southern Philippines: An Empirical Analysis
    • Núm. 14-4, Diciembre 1977
    • Journal of Peace Research
    This study explores the utility of social-psychological factors, inferred from aggregate or ecological data, which had brought about (or depressed) the emergence of intergroup violence between Musl...
    ...... considered inhibitors, namely: size of Christian population, land ownership, and farm population. Some interpretive conclusions were ......
  • Seedling production and choice among cashew farmers in Ghana: a profitability analysis
    • Núm. 16-2, Mayo 2020
    • World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development
    • 109-129
    Purpose: The unavailability and inadequate use of cashew seedlings for propagation are part of the challenges facing the cashew sub-sector in Ghana. However, promoting investment into cashew seedli...
    ......Land acquisition method alsoinfluenced the use of both seedlings and seeds negatively.Practical implications –The findings provide empirical evidence of ......
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Law Firm Commentaries
  • Hosting Corporate Events, Gala Days Or Agricultural Shows On Farm Or Estate Land – What Happens If There Is An Accident?
    • Mondaq UK
  • First Subsidy-Free Solar Farm Opens in UK
    • LexBlog United Kingdom
    By Paul Davies and Michael Green The first solar farm has successfully launched in the UK without government subsidisation. Clayhill Solar Farm, a 10 megawatt (MW) site near Flitwick in Bedfordshir...
    ......Clayhill is a “landmark” moment that represents the latest development in a series of UK clean energy “firsts”. Given the recently announced Green Finance taskforce ......
  • Closing The Registration Gap
    • Mondaq UK
    ...... by his sellers, without his permission, after he had purchased his land from them. That decision caused considerable unease. Accordingly, it will ... Background. The Charltons owned a farm in Somerset. On 17 January 2012 they completed a transfer of part of the ......
  • Closing the registration gap
    • JD Supra United Kingdom
    In late 2016 the High Court decided that a purchaser was bound by an easement granted by his sellers, without his permission, after he had purchased his land from them. That decision caused conside...
    ...... by his sellers, without his permission, after he had purchased his land from them. That decision caused considerable unease. Accordingly, it will ... . Background. . The Charltons owned a farm in Somerset. On 17 January 2012 they completed a transfer of part of the ......
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