Gaming Law in UK Law

    • Nbr. 2-2, September 1938
    • The Modern Law Review
    Book reviewed in this article: Restatement on Restitution. American Law Institute. See Article by D. W. Logan Constitutional Law of England. By Edward Wavell Ridges. Principles of the Law of Contra...
    • Nbr. 46-1, January 1983
    • The Modern Law Review
    “Someone says to me: ‘Show the children a game.’ I teach them gaming with dice, and the other says, ‘I didn't mean that sort of game.’ Must the exclusion of the game with dice have come before his ...
  • Macau casinos and organised crime
    • Nbr. 7-4, October 2004
    • Journal of Money Laundering Control
    • 298-307
    Presents research into how casinos in Macau, the “Monte Carlo of the Orient”, link with organised crime. Outlines the research methodology, which includes 16 in‐depth interviews with staff from law...
  • The Gambling Act 2005: Regulatory Containment and Market Control
    • Nbr. 70-4, July 2007
    • The Modern Law Review
    The Act marks a fundamental shift from legislative to market control of gambling. While plans for Las Vegas style casinos and internet gambling sites in Britain have suffered setbacks, restrictions...
  • The effects of organized crime on legitimate businesses
    • Nbr. 13-2, April 2006
    • Journal of Financial Crime
    • 214-234
    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to examine the development and nature of organized crime in the USA over the past 50 years, emphasizing organized crime's corruption and victimization of legit...
  • Casino money laundering regulations – Macao and USA
    • Nbr. 20-1, January 2017
    • Journal of Money Laundering Control
    • 52-69
    Purpose: Apart from presenting an overview and background on anti-money laundering (AML) rules and procedures for casinos in both Macao and the USA, this paper aims to examine the differences in th...
  • Internet, Casinos and Money Laundering
    • Nbr. 2-2, April 1998
    • Journal of Money Laundering Control
    • 134-147
    Money laundering, casinos and the Internet may become unavoidably intertwined in the next decade. Money laundering is the process by which criminals transform the money that they receive from crimi...
  • Internet gambling, credit cards and money laundering
    • Nbr. 6-1, January 2003
    • Journal of Money Laundering Control
    • 57-65
    Contrasts the approaches to offshore Internet gambling taken by the UK and the USA: the Budd Committee recommended that it be permissible under license in the former, but it is arguably illegal for...
  • Emerging threats: financial crime in the virtual world
    • Nbr. 15-1, December 2011
    • Journal of Money Laundering Control
    • 25-37
    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to highlight emerging threats in cyberspace, with particular reference to financial crime in the virtual world, which have real life implications, as well as t...
  • American Indian tribal Web sites: a review and comparison
    • Nbr. 21-5, October 2003
    • The Electronic Library
    • 450-455
    Many Native American tribes have Web sites, but the content of these sites varies depending on a number of factors, including the audience, purpose and context of the site, geographic distribution ...
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