Heirs in UK Law

  • Heirs to a Heritage Dear Sirs
    • No. 29-3, September 1982
    • Probation Journal
  • A Political Testament for Stalin's Heirs
    • No. 8-2, June 1953
    • International Journal
    • Vol. 27 No. 3, October 2022
    • Art Antiquity & Law
    • Drawdy, Stephanie
    ...Heirs of German Jewish dealers who seek restitution of a collection of Christian reliquaries known as the Welfenschatz (or Guelph Treasure) have received a stinging dismissal of their suit from a Washington DC District Court. The case made headlines ......
  • Dominium in Thirteenth and Fourteenth-Century Political Thought and its Seventeenth-Century Heirs: John of Paris and Locke
    • No. 33-1, March 1985
    • Political Studies
    Dominium, the notion of lordship, underwent important changes during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. An examination of the de potestate regia et papali genre, especially the tract by the D...
  • The Political Thought of Richard Cumberland: Sovereignty and the Escape from the Search for Origins
    • No. 25-4, December 1977
    • Political Studies
    Much of what seventeenth-century writers and preachers had to say about allegiance was framed in terms of deference to the past: subjects owed obedience now because they were heirs to some ancient ...
    ... ... to say about allegiance was framed in terms of deference to the past: subjects owed obedience now because they were heirs to some ancient obedience rightfully exacted. Patriachalists and contractualists alike supposed that questions of legitimacy were best ... ...
  • Book Reviews
    • No. 27-4, December 1989
    • International Migration
    Book reviewed in this article: HIRSCHON, R. Heirs of the Greek Catastrophe. The Social Life of Asia Minor Refugees in Piraeus. BETTS, K. Ideology and Immigration Australia 1976–1987. FOSTER, L. and...
    ... ... Book Reviews HIRSCHON,R.Heirs of the Greek Catastrophe. The Social Lge of Asia Minor Refigees in Piraeus. Oxford: Clarendon, 1989, 280 pp., E 35.00 ... ...
  • Machiavelli and the Double Politics of Ambition
    • No. 66-1, February 2018
    • Political Studies
    This article explores the early modern political science of vice by setting out Machiavelli’s treatment of ambition, which can be harnessed but never finally tamed. Even though ambition always aspi...
    ... ... Machiavelli not only agrees with his liberal  heirs that political institutions defuse the threat and capture the energies of ambition in the short  run but also adds that the most stable solution ... ...
  • Introducing Regular Turnover Details, 1960–2015: A dataset on world leaders’ legal removal from office
    • No. 59-2, March 2022
    • Journal of Peace Research
    The premier data on leader survival focus on the violent, dramatic means by which leaders ‘exit’ office. This information, vital for many research questions, constitutes a valuable public good for ...
    ... ... and those that don’t, identify non-political leaders (such as interim and technocratic executives), and determine whether leaders constitute heirs to power or challengers thereto. Keywords comparative politics, data, domestic politics, international relations, leader survival Introduction The ... ...
  • The analytical–Continental divide: Styles of dealing with problems
    • No. 15-2, April 2016
    • European Journal of Political Theory
    What today divides analytical from Continental philosophy? This paper argues that the present divide is not what it once was. Today, the divide concerns the styles in which philosophers deal with i...
    ... ... that between those analytical philosophers who tend to solveproblems and those Continental philosophers who tend to press problems (roughly,the heirs of Derrida). It is among these subgroups that there is a real philosophicaldivide today. So the analytical–Continental divide is more a matter of ... ...
  • The History of Concepts as a Style of Political Theorizing
    • No. 1-1, July 2002
    • European Journal of Political Theory
    The history of concepts has partly replaced the older style of the `history of ideas' and can be extended to a critique of normative political theory and, thereby, understood as an indirect style o...
    ... ... This concerns especially the classical contractarian theories, and both authors remark that this still holds for work by their contemporary heirs, such as Rawls, Habermas and other contemporary normative theorists. Conceptual history offers us a chance to turn the contestability, contingency ... ...
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