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  • South Africa a GM success story or biotech nightmare?
    • Núm. 406, Marzo - Marzo 2014
    • African Business
    ......In the same year herbicide-tolerant (HT) cotton came into commercial production, as did herbicide-resistant soya beans. Over the harvest season for 2003 to 2004, ......
  • Battle over GM cotton in South Africa.
    • Núm. 293, Diciembre 2003
    • African Business
    ...... the new cotton and existing South African GM crops; it contains three genetic constraints, two of them insect resistant and the other herbicide resistant. Currently, South African crops are single trait-they may include a gene that is resistant to either pests or chemicals. If Monsanto's ......
  • SA's miracle sugar cane.
    • Núm. 2002, Enero - Julio 2002
    • African Business
    ......It is the control variety in a vast number of plant breeding, nematicide, herbicide, ripener, irrigation and disease-screening trials. . Today NCo376 is producing offspring that are producing higher yields, are disease-resistant and ......
  • Genetic engineers create crops.
    • Núm. 184, Enero - Enero 1994
    • African Business
    ......Engineered crops may pass their properties on to wild relatives, making "superweeds". A research priority is to create herbicide-resistant plants, so that more weedkiller can be sprayed on crops; this will increase the use of highly toxic herbicides. . Genetic engineering is ......
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Law Firm Commentaries
  • Putting ‘Broccoli' Into Practice
    • Mondaq UK
    • 21 de Abril de 2016
    ...In T 915/10, the Examining Division considered the following claim:. "A method for producing a soybean plant tolerant to glyphosate herbicide comprising introducing into the genome of said plant event MON89788.". The Examining Division held that the claim included as an implicit feature a ......
  • EPA Decision Regarding Glyphosate And Cancer
    • Mondaq UK
    • 15 de Julio de 2019
    ...On April 30, 2019 the Environmental Protection Agency issued a press release regarding the ability of the herbicide glyphosate to cause cancer in humans. In its release, the EPA stated that glyphosate "does not pose a carcinogenic hazard to humans." Its decision is ......
  • Biotech patents - Cutting the scope of protection
    • Mondaq United Kingdom
    • 9 de Julio de 2010
    ......This DNA sequence makes soybean plants resistant to the Roundup Ready herbicide, allowing farmers to use high levels of herbicide to produce greater yields. The patent covers DNA sequences encoding a class of enzyme variants ......
  • ECJ Offers Further Guidance On Compulsory Insurance Regime
    • Mondaq UK
    • 13 de Febrero de 2018
    ......The case involved an employee of a vineyard spraying herbicide. A tractor was stationary nearby and left with the engine running, powering the spray device used to administer the herbicide. A landslip occurred, ......
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