Husbandry in UK Law

Leading Cases
  • Gilmore v Baker-Carr
    • Court of Appeal
    • 02 Jul 1962

    The definition may, of course, be wide enough to include other buildings, such as a broiler house, and if it is, effect must be given to the language, But the clear impression which I receive from the statutory language is that the buildings exempted were to be ancillary or complementary to the agricultural purpose of the land, and not vice vorsa. In the, present case If one begins with the land, one finds there Is no land upon which poultry farming is carried on.

  • Eastwood (W. & J. B.) Ltd v Herrod
    • House of Lords
    • 25 Fev 1970

    But for this concession I do not think I should have found it easy to conclude that the packing station in Gainsborough 9 miles or so away was occupied together with the agricultural land in the sense in which those words are used in the definition, and it may be that I would have had difficulty in coming to that conclusion in relation to the 5 layer houses at Norton Brisney some 6 miles away and some of the other buildings.

    In its context "occupied together with agricultural land" may connote more than common ownership. My impression on reading the definition of "agricultural buildings" is that it was an attempt by the draftsman to define a farm in statutory language and that it was intended to include buildings used and occupied together with the land for the purpose of farming the land, not buildings far distant and not used in connection with an operation on the land even though owned by the same person.

  • Williams Brothers Direct Supply Ltd v Raftery
    • Court of Appeal
    • 15 Nov 1957

    Applying that test to this case, I cannot see that any act which the Defendant did is capable of being treated as sufficient to dispossess the plaintiffs. The Defendant never even thought he was dispossessing the Plaintiffs; he never claimed to do more than work the soil, as he thought he was permitted to do.

  • Commissioners of Inland Revenue v Saxone, Lilley & Skinner (Holdings) Ltd
    • House of Lords
    • 16 Fev 1967

    If a trader stores or sells or otherwise deals with two kinds of goods, A and B, I think that it is the ordinary use of language to say that dealing with A is one part of his trade and dealing with B is another part, and I see nothing in the context here to justify giving any other interpretation to "a part of a trade" in subsection (2).

  • R v Shirley
    • Court of Appeal
    • 03 Jul 1969

    This Court desires to emphasise a point, which it is thought has already previously been mentioned in other Divisions. Long periods of disqualification from driving may prove a very severe handicap to a man when he comes out of prison and desires to pursue a different type of life to that which has led him into that prison. Such periods of disqualification may shut out a large sector of employments, especially in certain areas.

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Books & Journal Articles
  • Animal husbandry?
    • Núm. 2008, April 2008
    • Financial Management (UK)
    ..."Masculinities and Management in Agricultural Organisations Worldwide: Barbara Pini, Curtin University of Technology, Australia. Using contemporary gender theory to examine gender and rurality beyond that of simply women/femininities, this illuminati......
  • Natural resource management in changing climate – reflections from indigenous Jharkhand
    • Núm. 11-2, May 2014
    • World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development
    Purpose: – Addressing probable complexities of climate change on rural livelihoods, food security, and poverty reduction, requires mainstreaming of cross-sectoral interventions and adaptations into...
  • Breeding scheme boosts national herd.
    • Núm. 343, June 2008
    • African Business
    ......Communal farmers who satisfy the ministry's criteria in terms of having access to enough grazing, sufficient knowledge of animal husbandry and who own at least 10 cows or 20 ewes, are first verified by agricultural extension officers prior to being vetted by a selection committee. These ......
  • Dogon - Africa's peoples of the cliffs.
    • Núm. 2001, June 2001
    • African Business
    ......Quite apart from the all important work of tending food crops (principally sorghum, millet and onions) and animal husbandry, activities such as house building, iron-smithing, basket weaving and pottery are all recorded. Sacred ritual is also lovingly documented, from ......
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Law Firm Commentaries
  • N Is For Novel Foods
    • Mondaq United Kingdom
    • 12 de Abril de 2011
    ...... However, there is commercial interest in animal husbandry from cloned animals.  Whilst there is a voluntary moratorium in the trade in meat from cloned animals in the United States this does not extend to ......
  • The Case For Terminating An AHA Tenancy
    • Mondaq UK
    • 07 de Dezembro de 2018
    ...... good husbandry; sound management; agricultural research; allotments; greater hardship; or finally, non-agricultural use. The Tribunal may also refuse consent ......
  • The Agriculture Bill: Potential Pitfalls Behind The Bill
    • Mondaq UK
    • 19 de Outubro de 2018
    ......There are similar issues arising from the need to update the Rules of Good Husbandry which were drafted in 1947. Tenants who put land into environmental schemes will find little in the rules that will assist them in avoiding a ......
  • Modern Limited Duration Tenancies – 30 November 2017
    • Mondaq UK
    • 26 de Setembro de 2017
    ...... to give notice) but can only be exercised by the landlord if the tenant is not using the land in accordance with the rules of good husbandry or is breaching a term of the lease (whereas the tenant can exercise a break without giving reason). A further set of regulations were laid before ......
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