Insurance and Reinsurance in UK Law

  • The Construction of Terms of Facultative Reinsurance Contracts: is Wasa v Lexington the Exception or the Rule?
    • No. 73-1, January 2010
    • The Modern Law Review
    Do reinsurers insure the liability faced by the reinsured under its original insurance contract? Where the reinsurance and direct insurance policies are written in identical terms, is it enough for...
    ... ... v Lex ingto n the Exception or the Rule? zlem Gˇrses n Do reinsurers insure the liability faced by the reinsured under its original insurance contract? Where the reinsurance and direct insurance policies are written in identical terms, is it enough for the reinsured to proveits l iability ... ...
  • Managing Risk as a Duality of Harm and Benefit: A Study of Organizational Risk Objects in the Global Insurance Industry
    • No. 32-1, January 2021
    • British Journal of Management
    This study examines how organizations construct and manage risk objects as a duality of harm–benefit within their normal operations. It moves beyond the existing focus on accidents, disasters and c...
    ... ... navigate the tension of retaining risk in their insurance portfolio to increasethe benefit of making profit and transferring risk to reinsurance to reduce the harm of paying claims. We showthat organizations’ constructions of risk are underpinned by everydayrisk man- agement practices of ... ...
  • Mazars.
    • No. 2003, May 2003
    • Financial Management (UK)
    • Grewer, Claire
    • On the move - Brief Article
    ... ... Jones has worked as an insurance tax specialist for a number of years. He specialises in corporate tax for ... international businesses in the broking, general insurance, reinsurance and captive insurance market ... ...
  • Risk, insurance and small farm credit in developing countries: A policy proposal
    • No. 6-3, July 1986
    • Public Administration and Development
    Lending to small farmers is often too risky for commercial banks; consequently extremely high interest rates have to be paid. Agricultural development banks go some way towards solving the problem....
    ... ... The practical problems of implementation are considered and deemed surmountable by reinsurance and graduated premiums. THE PROBLEM It is a truth universally acknowledged that credit markets in underdeveloped rural areas ... ...
  • Comment on the Decision of the House of Lords in Wasa International Insurance Co Ltd v Lexington Insurance Co [2009] UKHL 40
    • No. 5-1, January 2015
    • Southampton Student Law Review
    • Jie Zhang
    • University of Southampton
    • 15-18
    ... ... Co1 hereinafter called “Wasa v Lexington”, in which arose disputes regarding which law would be applied to the interpretation of the reinsurance contract, where the primary insurance and facultative proportional reinsurance, with an “as original” clause, were governed by different law ... ...
  • Handling conflicts of interest within financial innovation. The case of regulation and supervision of Bermuda sidecars
    • No. 16-4, October 2009
    • Journal of Financial Crime
    • 353-363
    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to describe the experience of a financial services regulator, the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA), in identifying and dealing with conflicts of interest in in...
    ... ... a steady growth in cross-sectoral risktransfer between reinsurance and capital markets (Cummins, 2008). Novel , and morecomplex, ... Section 1 provides background informationon the insurance and reinsurance market in Bermuda, helping set the scene for theemergence ... ...
  • Lists of Abbreviations
    • Appendices
    • Legal Research. A Practitioner's Handbook - 3rd Edition
    • Emily Allbon/Ian Hunter/Peter Clinch
    • 289-328
    ... ... Health Act MHA 1975, 1983 Mobile Homes Act MIA 1906 Marine Insurance Act 1906 MOA 1950, 1958, 1968 Maintenance Orders Act MoDA 1971 Misuse of ... Reserve Bank of New York Quarterly Review FR&FN Financial Reinsurance & Futures Newsletter FRI Financial Regulation International FRN ... ...
  • Table of abbreviations
    • Construction Law. Volume I - Third Edition
    • Julian Bailey
    • 73-83
    ... ... New Zealand ... aNZ Ins Cas australian and New Zealand Insurance ... australia and ... New Zealand ... app Cas appeal Cases England and ... Lloyd’s rep Ir Lloyd’s Law reports Insurance & reinsurance England and Wales ... Lloyd’s rep pN Lloyd’s Law reports professional ... ...
    • No. 17-1, March 1979
    • British Journal of Industrial Relations
    ... ... Barro. A.E.I., 1978, 47 pp ... $2.75. Public Insurance in Private Medical Markets: Some Problems ofNational Health ... A.E.I., 1978, 66 pp., $2.75. Unemployment Insurance: Reinsurance and Cost Equalization Proposals. A.E.I., Legislative Analyses, ... ...
  • Solvency II and XBRL: new rules and technologies in insurance supervision
    • No. 18-2, May 2010
    • Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance
    • 144-157
    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to analyse the way in which the insurance industry is facing the renewal of its regulatory framework with respect to the levels of solvency that insurance enti...
    ... ... in a single text, and new legislation was issued; these directives dealt withdifferent topics, such as life and non-life insurance, reinsurance, insurance groups, andwinding-up (EU Commission, 2007).Although the application of the first standards of solvency was simple and robust,and the ... ...
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