Licensing and Permits in UK Law

  • Exploring the case of The White Moustache. Entrepreneurship and regulatory capture in the milk products industry
    • No. 6-1, April 2017
    • Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy
    • 41-59
    Purpose: Small and emerging business failure rates are high for numerous reasons. Government regulation has been cited as a contributing factor, yet literature documenting the actual effects of gov...
    ... ... entrepreneur and employees as well as time spentseeking licenses, permits, and understanding regulation. Second, they must cover the actualcosts of ... operation like TWM.In addition to the outlined costs of permits, licensing, and adhering to regulation TWMstill faced the ordinary costs of doing ... ...
  • Mass shootings in Australia and the United States, 1981-2013
    • No. 1-3, September 2015
    • Journal of Criminological Research, Policy and Practice
    • 131-142
    Purpose: – The purpose of this paper is to compare the incidence and main characteristics of mass shooting events in Australia and the USA in the period 1981-2013. Design/methodology/approach: – T...
    ... ... that prescribe:■processes around the acquisition of licenses and permits, registration of firearms and safekeeping and storage of firearms; ... of all firearms, with the establishment of an integrated licensing andregistration scheme;■the need to demonstrate “genuine reason”to ... ...
  • ‘Āina under the influence
    • No. 7-1, February 2003
    • Theoretical Criminology
    • 0000
    The imposition of Western law in Hawai‘i extended novel sets of regulation and control on the colonized Native Hawaiians. A primary focus of the law was the control of drinking and ...
    ... ... Governance also takes place in less direct ways through licensing whereby drinkers (or consumers of drugs) are controlled through con- ... for whites whose drinking could be regulated through licensing and permits and another for native subjects of the Kingdom whose drinking was ... ...
  • Offences and Case Law
    • No. 30-1, January 1957
    • Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles
    • 0000
    ... ... and friends of his own, within the meaning of the Licensing ... OFFENCESANDCASE LAW 65Act 1874; and it was held by the Appeal ... within the meaning of the rule."Private friends"The Licensing Act permits the holder of a licence to supply intoxi-cating liquor during prohibited ... ...
  • Gambling and adult safeguarding: connections and evidence
    • No. 19-6, December 2017
    • The Journal of Adult Protection
    • 333-344
    Purpose: Opportunities to gamble have boomed in the UK in recent years, since the passing of the Gambling Act 2005. The implications of this for adults with care and support needs and for safeguard...
    ... ... Local authorities became responsible for the licensing or issue of permits/notificationsto non-remote gambling premises in ... ...
  • A Quango Unleashed: The Abolition Guidance in Civil Aviation Licensing
    • No. 58-3, September 1980
    • Public Administration
    ... ... cause difficulty in the field of licensing policy and, consequently, I propose to introduce legislation when parliamentary time permits to clarify the situation. In the light of the foregoing I do not think it would be helpful at this stage to issue new guidance to the Civil ... ...
  • Corruption and control: a corruption reduction approach
    • No. 19-4, October 2012
    • Journal of Financial Crime
    • 384-399
    Purpose: Corruption is a significant financial crime which is estimated by the World Economic Forum to cost about 5 per cent of global GDP or $2.6 trillion dollars. Explanations of corruption, like...
    ... ... )Rebuilding things(after a disaster)Controlling activities (licensing/regulation/issuing of permits)Administering (justice forexample), ... ...
    • No. 91-4, December 2013
    • Public Administration
    European governments have adopted policy instruments for regulatory appraisal, oversight, ex‐post evaluation, and simplification in the context of the so‐called ‘smart regulation agenda’. In this a...
    ... ... simplification, and the recalibration of processes such as licensing and permits. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Radaelli carried out research with the ... ...
    • No. 56-4, September 2009
    • Scottish Journal of Political Economy
    ... ... IPR the higher the equilibrium foreign direct investment, which permits a better international division of labour. Very high IPR protection s licensing, which is the most efficient method. Very low IPR protection induces ... ...
  • Fraud on the Revenue: Emerging Cyber Cash, Cyber Banks and Fraud
    • No. 7-1, March 1999
    • Journal of Financial Crime
    • 75-78
    As the telegraph, telephone and wireless radio change the way people communicate, so the Internet has revolutionised the communications systems. Criminal activity has been around since the time of ...
    ... ... Many times the country permits this type of bank in order to generate revenue from licensing Page 75 ... ...
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