Maritime Shipping in UK Law

  • Unsatisfactory Implication - a Case for Revision. Dalmare SpA v Union Maritime Ltd and Valor Shipping Ltd [2012] EWHC 3537 (Comm)
    • Núm. 3-1, Enero 2013
    • Southampton Student Law Review
    • Mateusz Bek
    • 69-72
  • Global Collective Bargaining on Flag of Convenience Shipping
    • Núm. 42-1, Marzo 2004
    • British Journal of Industrial Relations
    The most significant case of transnational union bargaining co‐ordination in existence is in the maritime shipping industry. A global union association, the International Transport Workers’ Federat...
    ...... Shipping Nathan Lillie Abstract The most significant case of transnational union bargaining co-ordination in e xistence is in the maritime shipping industry. A g lobal union association, the International Transport W orkers’ Feder ation (ITF), and a global employers’ f ederation, the ......
    • Núm. 44-3, Septiembre 2006
    • British Journal of Industrial Relations
    Book reviewed: Capitalist Diversity and Change: Recombinant Governance and Institutional Entrepreneurs by Colin Crouch. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2005, 184 pp., ISBN 0 19 928647 7, £50.00.
    ...... Worker s — Collective Bargaining and Regulatory P olitics in Maritime Shipping by Nathan Lillie. R outledge, New York and London, 2006, vii + ......
  • Global patterns of maritime piracy, 2000–09
    • Núm. 49-4, Julio 2012
    • Journal of Peace Research
    ......Entries include country-level information regarding the maritime sector including coastal shipping traffic, coastline length, seaports, distances to major sea lane chokepoints, and merchant marine size. The article describes the main features of ......
  • Who governs Norwegian maritime security? Public facilitation of private security in a fragmented security environment
    • Núm. 52-2, Junio 2017
    • Cooperation and Conflict
    ......This article contends that although maritime governance inhabits peculiarities related to both the shipping industry’s global competitive character and the maritime domain’s geographical distance from public authorities, the Norwegian governance of ......
  • Colonial and Federal Admiralty Jurisdiction
    • Núm. 12-3, Septiembre 1981
    • Federal Law Review
  • Unicorn among the Cedars: On the Possibility of Effective ‘Smart Regulation’ of the Globalized Shipping Industry
    • Núm. 15-4, Diciembre 2006
    • Social & Legal Studies
    ......The strong overall regulatory framework, the political will to avoid damaging maritime accidents, and the well-developed system of port state control, all suggest that the shipping industry may be taken as a test case for the ......
  • Partner selection for strategic alliances: case study insights from the maritime industry
    • Núm. 110-6, Junio 2010
    • Industrial Management & Data Systems
    • 841-860
    Purpose: The purpose of this exploratory study is to examine the partner selection criteria reported by maritime firms in Norway. The study aims to analyze how a maritime firm's competitive advanta...
    ...... expansion during a recession.Practical implications – Presented findings have implications for practitioners, especially formanagers of shipping firms, banks, shipyards, producers of ship equipment, ship design firms, andship brokers. Practitioners need to be aware that the rationale for ......
  • Factors that affect acceptance and use of information systems within the Maritime industry in developing countries. The case of Ghana
    • Núm. 22-4, Abril 2020
    • Journal of Systems and Information Technology
    • 21-45
    Purpose: Although information and communication technology has become a significant driver for organizational efficiency and effectiveness, there is inadequate empirical research on technology acce...
    ...... and use oftechnology (UTAUT) model to investigate the factors that affect the acceptance and use of INTTRA: a multi-carrier booking and shipping system designed to facilitate ocean trade worldwide. Responses from 198 subjects,collected through a questionnaire, were analyzed using partial least ......
  • Pirates... A Charterers' Peril of the Sea?
    • Núm. 1-1, Enero 2011
    • Southampton Student Law Review
    • Giulia Argano
    • 169-194
    ...... I decided to write my dissertation on the issue of piracy in Maritime law as it is a very problematic topic, which is becoming a more common ...”, organised by Lloyd‟s of London, as well as Ince & Co‟s Shipping brief, a section of which was dedicated to piracy. Here I listened to ......
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