Official Secrets in UK Law

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Books & Journal Articles
  • Reports of Committees
    • Núm. 3-2, Octubre 1939
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... OF COMMITTEES I53 REPORTS OF COMMITTEES The ofacial Secrets Act-Report of the Select Committee 1989 This committee was ... matters, and is confined to an examination of the Official Secrets Acts, 1911 and 1920, in relation to their bcaring upon ......
  • Statutes
    • Núm. 2-3, Diciembre 1938
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... The First Report of the Select Committee on the Official Secrets Acts’ has now been published. It is concerned ......
    • Núm. 2-2, Septiembre 1938
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... of these is the problem of the application of the Official Secrets Act, 1911, to Members of Parliament. The substance of ......
    • Núm. 50-1, Enero 1994
    • Journal of Documentation
    • 1-9
    Since the early 1970s the communist regime in the German Democratic Republic classified thousands of doctoral dissertations as confidential, thus blocking the dissemination of research in the vario...
    ...... an d th e topic s whic h hav e bee n treate d a s stat e secrets . Th e stud y als o show s th e involvemen t o f universitie s an ... 3 , 1986 . 13 . I n 197 8 onl y fift y these s wer e officiall y liste d bu t fifty-seven classified ; i n 197 9 th e rati o ......
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Law Firm Commentaries
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