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  • Elitestone Ltd v Morris and Another
    • House of Lords
    • 01 May 1997

    In the case of the house the answer is as much a matter of common sense as precise analysis. A house which is constructed in such a way so as to be removable, whether as a unit, or in sections, may well remain a chattel, even though it is connected temporarily to mains services such as water and electricity. But a house which is constructed in such a way that it cannot be removed at all, save by destruction, cannot have been intended to remain as a chattel.

    It is important to observe that intention in this context is to be assessed objectively and not subjectively. Indeed it may be that the use of the word intention is misleading. It is the purpose which the object is serving which has to be regarded, not the purpose of the person who put it there. The question is whether the object is designed for the use or enjoyment of the land or for the more complete or convenient use or enjoyment of the thing itself.

    Accession also involves a degree of permanence, as opposed to some merely temporary provision. This is not simply a matter of counting the years for which the structure has stood where it is, but again of appraising the whole circumstances. The bungalow has been standing on its site for about half a century and has been used for many years as the residence of Mr. Morris and his family.

  • Chelsea Yacht and Boat Club Ltd v Pope
    • Court of Appeal
    • 06 Abr 2000

    Turning firstly to the degree of annexure it is important to bear in mind that what is required is sufficient attachment to the land so that the chattel becomes part of the land itself. Here the houseboat rested periodically on the river bed below it and was secured by ropes and perhaps to an extent the services to other structures.

  • Your Response Ltd v Datateam Business Media Ltd
    • Court of Appeal
    • 14 Mar 2014

    Whilst the physical medium and the rights are treated as property, the information itself has never been. If Mr. Cogley were right that the database could be possessed and could be the subject of a lien and that its possession could be withheld until payment and released or transferred upon payment, one would be coming close to treating information as property.

  • Trendtex Trading Corporation v Credit Suisse
    • Court of Appeal
    • 02 May 1980

    There is, I think, a clear requirement of public policy that officers of the court should be inhibited from putting themselves in a position where their own interests may conflict with their duties to the court by the agreement, for instance, of so-called "contingency fees"; and there may well be valid reasons why personal rights of action for tortious damage should not, in general, be the subject matter of assignment or partition.

  • Marbienes Compania Naviera S.A. v Ferrostaal A.G. (Democritos)
    • Court of Appeal
    • 14 Ene 1976

    Mr. Pollock referred to several voyage charters in whichthere was an "estimated time of arrival". It has "been always held that the estimated date has to "be given honestly and on reasonable grounds and that he has to sail from his last port on his approach voyage so as to get there in time. But those cases have no application to a charter such as this, where there is no promise at all to deliver by a certain date, but only an option to cancel if it is not so delivered.

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