Pre Hearing in UK Law

  • Access to Justice and Fair Hearing: An Evaluation of Pre-Action Notice in Nigerian Jurisprudence
    • No. , February 2012
    • African Journal of International and Comparative Law
    • 70-86
  • Children's Hearings and Deemed Relevant Persons: T v Locality Reporter
    • No. , May 2015
    • Edinburgh Law Review
    • 244-248
    ... ... A relevant person is someone who has the right – and obligation – to attend a children's hearing,2 ... ...

    Children's Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011 ss 74(2) and ... ...

  • Offenders' Perceptions of the Sentencing Process: A Study of Deterrence and Stigmatisation in the New South Wales Children's Court
    • No. 42-1, April 2009
    • Journal of Criminology (formerly Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology)
    Abstract The criminal court system remains society's pre-eminent response to criminal activity, despite recent innovations such as youth justice conferences. Little is known, however, a...
    ... ... T wo hundred and six y oung offenders were interviewed immediately after the conclusion of their sentencing hearing using a questionnaire designed to measure the extent to which they perceived the court hearing to be a deterrent, and the extent to which they f elt ... ...
  • Pre-recording testimony in New Zealand: Lawyers’ and victim advisors’ experiences in nine cases
    • No. 46-2, August 2013
    • Journal of Criminology (formerly Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology)
    This paper reports on lawyers’ and victim advisors’ experiences with nine pre-recorded hearings involving young people as witnesses in criminal court cases in Auckland. Focus groups, interviews and...
    ... ... The judge, counsel, defendant and witness watched the children’s forensic interview before the day of the hearing. At the hearing, the children were further examined and cross-examined via CCTV from a room in the courthouse in the usual way (although juries were ... ...
  • Representation at Tribunals
    • No. 53-2, March 1990
    • The Modern Law Review
    ... ... Many did not understand what appealing meant, did not appreciate that there would be an oral hearing, did not appreciate that the decision had to be made strictly according to Social Security Regulations, and found the hearing an ... ...
  • Three Rivers District Council v Governor and Company of Bank of England
    • No. 9-3, March 2001
    • Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance
    • 279-283
    The various pre‐trial stages of these complex proceedings have been discussed in previous issues of this Journal in Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 70–72, Vol. 7, No. 3, pp. 274–280, Vol. 8, No. 4, pp. 359–364 ...
    ... ... throughout, they did not and the action ought to be struck out with-out proceeding to full trial was referred to another House of Lords hearing. It was from that subsequent hearing on whether or not the claim should be allowed to pro-ceed to full trial of the substantive issue of the Bank of ... ...
  • Book Review: Rosemary Sheehan Magistrates' Decision-Making in Child Protection Cases Aldershot: Ashgate, 2001. 268 pp. (incl. index). £42.50 ISBN 0—7546—1505—7 (hbk)
    • No. 2-3, August 2002
    • Criminology & Criminal Justice
    ... ... and evidence-base of child abuse cases, the author discusses the potential advantages of alternatives to the legal approach such as pre- hearing conferences and family group conferences. Although based on Australian research, this book is highly relevant to the UK context because of the ... ...
  • Index
    • Appendices
    • A Practitioner's Guide to Mental Health Law
    • Michael Butler
    • 345-355
    ... ... Magistrates’ court 97, 98, 101, 109 fitness to plead 276 insanity 277 ... Medical examinations, pre-hearing 153–5 ... Medical practitioners 50–2 see also Registered medical practitioners; Responsible clinician (RC) ... Medicine, administration of ... ...
  • Case Commentaries
    • No. 16-1, January 2012
    • International Journal of Evidence & Proof, The
    ... ... Court in Manson v Braithwaite (1977) 432 US 98, the admissibility of eyewitness identification evidence is to be determined at a pre-trial hearing using a two-step test: was the identification procedure ‘impermissibly suggestive’ and, if so, did it result in a ‘very substantial likelihood ... ...
  • Mental Health Tribunals - Rules of Procedure
    • Part Five. Tribunals and Discharge
    • A Practitioner's Guide to Mental Health Law
    • Michael Butler
    • 147-160
    ... ... 148 A Practitioner’s Guide to Mental Health Law ... 15.3 PRE-HEARING PROCEDURAL RULES ... The following rules regarding pre-hearing procedure are of particular note ... 15.3.1 Parties ... The parties to MHT ... ...
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