Property and Conveyancing in UK Law

  • Conveyancing And The Property Acts Of 1925
    • No. 24-1, January 1961
    • The Modern Law Review
  • Frankie McCarthy, James Chalmers and Stephen Bogle (eds), Essays in Conveyancing and Property Law in Honour of Professor Robert Rennie
    • No. , January 2016
    • Edinburgh Law Review
    • 113-114
  • Legal challenges and opportunities of blockchain technology in the real estate sector
    • No. 12-2, July 2020
    • Journal of Property, Planning and Environmental Law
    • 129-145
    Purpose: Blockchain, which was originally created to enable peer-to-peer digital payment systems (bitcoin), is considered to have several benefits for different sectors, such as the real estate one...
    ... ... administrations andresearcherswho are working on blockchain and property conveyancing.Keywords Real estate, Land registry, Blockchain, Sharing ... ...
  • Cohabitants, Property and the Law: A Study of Injustice
    • No. 72-1, January 2009
    • The Modern Law Review
    With cohabitation outside marriage becoming increasingly common, the law's response to the problems that arise on separation has become a key issue for public and family policy. This article draws ...
    ... ... This was sometimes done to protect the position of one partner’schildren from a previous relationship.The conveyancing soli- citors whom we interviewed perceived cohabiting couples as be ing more likely to make wills than married couples. Gillian Douglas, Julia Pearce ... ...
    • No. 37-5, September 1974
    • The Modern Law Review
    Book reviewed in this article: Discretion to Disobey. By M. R. Kadish and S. H. Kadish. Fundamental Rights: A volume of essays to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Law Sch...
    ... ... of the subject, such as adoption, guardianship and property rights. It should be said at once that Professor Bevaa ... ...
    • No. 23-1, January 1960
    • The Modern Law Review
    Book reviewed in this article: Authority. Edited By Carl J. Friedrich. Strukturprobleme Der Modernen Demokratie. By Gerhard Leibholz The Professor And The Commissions. By Bernard Schwartz. Social C...
    ... ... to read, for example, that sovereignty and property are among these pre-existing entities. At least one reader ... by fifteen appendices giving various illustrative conveyancing styles or forms both ancient and modern. J. D. B. MITCHELL ... ...
  • Overreaching In Registered Land Law
    • No. 69-2, March 2006
    • The Modern Law Review
    Beneficial interests under a trust were not intended to be overriding interests under section 70(1)(g) of the Land Registration Act 1925. The position was altered by Williams & Glyn's Bank Ltd v Bo...
    ... ... overreachedonce the be ne¢ciary wasi n occupa tion of the trust property. City of London BuildingSociety v Flegg held that the relevant ... 47 Report of the Re gistrationand Conveyancing Comm issioners (1 850) HCP xxxii. 1, quoted Hogg, n 22 above, 7. Nicola ... ...
    • No. 40-6, November 1977
    • The Modern Law Review
    ... ... of the conveyancing monopoly, have ensured a long history of public controversy over the methods by which property transfers are effected, and the assessment of an appropriate scale of fees. In the past debate has generally centred on the ... ...
    • No. 33-1, January 1970
    • The Modern Law Review
    ... ... The Modom Law Redew. G. BAnEaSaY. U&0T&y Of Sh0fl0k8. LAND LAW AND CONVEYANCING REFO’RMS THE Law of Property Act 1969 (considered in an article by Stephen Cretney under the above title in (1969) 82 M.L.R. 477) received the Royal ... ...
    • No. 3-3, January 1940
    • The Modern Law Review
    Book reviewed in this article: The Right of Property. By Vinding Kruse. Translated from the Danish by P. T. Federspiel. Law in the Making. By Carleton Kemp Allen, M.C., M.A., D.C.L. Third Edition, ...
    ... ... REVIEWS 24 I REVIEWS THE OF PROPERTY. By VINDING KRUSP. Translated from the Danish by P. T ... is designed to assist solicitors in all matters of conveyancing practice relating to policies of assurance and to ... ...
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