Public Domain in UK Law

Leading Cases
  • EPI Environmental Technologies Inc. and Another v Symphony Plastic Technologies Plc and Another
    • Chancery Division
    • 21 Dic 2004

    In my judgment, what Lord Denning is saying is that a recipient of mixed information should take care only to use the public information. If he uses the private information he can only do so on pain of payment. Obviously the easiest way to establish that only public information has been obtained is to go to the public sources.

    Relying on Seager, Mr Hobbs QC submits by the provision of the additive itself EPI provided that product in confidence and that product and that provision in that way was confidential private information which Symphony could not use.

    If there is something secret or confidential which they thereby merely copied that would be actionable. However, a thing does not become confidential merely because it is supplied confidentially. However, take one example. Suppose EPI supplied Symphony with a formula for making a very special cake which would be very unique to EPI. A lot of the ingredients would be common ingredients, but it would be contended that the resultant product is arrived at by use of the secret formula.

  • Norbrook Laboratories Ltd v Bomac Laboratories Ltd
    • Privy Council
    • 04 May 2006

  • The Good Law Project v Minister for the Cabinet Office
    • Queen's Bench Division (Technology and Construction Court)
    • 09 Jun 2021

    The fact that individuals at Public First were known to and had worked with those involved in the decision making, including the Defendant and Mr Cummings, is insufficient to establish apparent bias. Having regard to the specialised nature of the public policy and communications research industry, it is unsurprising that those involved might have developed professional and/or personal friendships over the years working within government departments.

    However, the existence of personal connections between the Defendant, Mr Cummings and the directors of Public First was a relevant circumstance that might be perceived to compromise their impartiality and independence in the context of a public procurement.

  • Fullam v Newcastle Chronicle and Journal Ltd
    • Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
    • 24 Mar 1977

    For instance, the facts may be very well known in the area of the newspaper's distribution - in which event I would think it would suffice to plead merely that the plaintiff will rely on inference that some of the newspaper's readers must have been aware of the facts which are said to give rise to the innuendo.

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  • Revenue Scotland and Tax Powers Act 2014
    • Scotland
    • 1 de Enero de 2014
    ...... not apply to the extent that Revenue Scotland considers that publication of the information would prejudice the effective exercise of its ... (whether by Revenue Scotland or anyone else) that was in the public domain at the time the tax avoidance arrangement was entered into, and. . . (b) ......
  • The National Health Service (General Medical Services Contracts and Personal Medical Services Agreements) (Amendment) Regulations 2017
    • UK Non-devolved
    • 1 de Enero de 2017
    ...... . . Indicator ID . Indicator Description . . Clinical domain . . CHD003 . The percentage of patients with coronary heart disease ... . Public Health Domain . . CVD-PP002 . The percentage of patients diagnosed with ......
  • Victims and Witnesses (Scotland) Act 2014
    • Scotland
    • 1 de Enero de 2014
    ...... . . "(ea) excluding the public during the taking of the evidence in accordance with section 271HB of this ... report from including information which is otherwise in the public domain. . . (4) It is otherwise for NCF to determine the form and content of a ......
  • Government Trading Funds Act 1973
    • UK Non-devolved
    • 1 de Enero de 1973 the interests of the improved commercial operation and public. accountability of that service, may by order direct that, as. from a day ...departments and other agencies in the public domain;. and.  . (f. ) any other service, managed by a Minister of the Crown or. ......
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Books & Journal Articles
  • Public Domain Software on File
    • Núm. 4-4, Abril 1986
    • The Electronic Library
    • 216-217
    Public Domain Software on File offers a great wealth of programs on subjects that range from biorhythm to physics. Many of these can be of great use to many people. However, the package also contai...
  • ‘Dedicating’ Copyright to the Public Domain
    • Núm. 71-4, Julio 2008
    • The Modern Law Review
    This article explores whether authors can dedicate their copyright to the public domain. Such dedications are becoming increasingly relevant as authors now see the expansion of the public domain as...
  • New Rights Advocacy in a Global Public Domain
    • Núm. 13-2, Junio 2007
    • European Journal of International Relations
    Social and economic policy decisions are increasingly being taken in a global public domain in which national/transnational boundaries are blurred, and the `public' ...
  • Reconstituting the Global Public Domain — Issues, Actors, and Practices
    • Núm. 10-4, Diciembre 2004
    • European Journal of International Relations
    This article draws attention to a fundamental reconstitution of the global public domain — away from one that for more than three centuries equated the ‘public’ in i...
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Law Firm Commentaries
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