Punitive Remedies in UK Law

  • Sexual Harassment and Australian Anti-Discrimination Law
    • No. 7-1-4, September 2005
    • International Journal of Discrimination and the Law
    • 0000
    This paper examines the law of sexual harassment in Australia and concludes that, while there is extensive legislative coverage at Commonwealth, State and Territory levels, this coverage is uneven....
    ... ... with respect to procedure in sexual harassment cases and remedies in a jurisdiction where punitive damages are not allowed. The paper ... ...
  • Bringing Effective Remedies Home: The Inter-American Human Rights System, Reparations, and the Duty of Prevention
    • No. 22-3, September 2004
    • Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights
    • 0000
    This article explores how the Inter-American Court of Human Rights applies pecuniary and non-pecuniary reparations judgments in an effort to compel States to comply with the duty of prevention and ...
    ... ... In conclusion, the authorproposes that the Court begin to use punitive measures in order to compel States to begin erectinginternal remedies at home and thus strengthening domestic protection of human rights.1 ... ...
  • Legal questions on financial market abuse. Criminal punishment penalties versus private law remedies
    • No. 22-1, January 2015
    • Journal of Financial Crime
    • 28-36
    Purpose: – The purpose of this study is to underline the impact that globalization of financial markets has on national punishment policies. The US financial crisis has strongly affected consumers’...
    ... ... chance to rise some questions concerning mainly three aspects:(1) the level of censorship;(2) forms and nature of responsibility; and(3) punitive models and their micro- and macro-economic effects.These questions are of enormous dimensions, so that this study does not pretend to giveanswers, ... ...
  • Effective Deterrence v Accessible Remedies: What Not to Borrow from US Discrimination Law
    • No. 6-2, March 2004
    • International Journal of Discrimination and the Law
    • 0000
    At a time when the UK consults on the appropriate powers and mission of a new single equality commission, the fight against discrimination must avoid unintentionally eroding the ability of the empl...
    ... ... ).In the US, the social change project has appropriated the formal system foremployment discrimination dispute resolution by emphasizing punitive (exemp-lary) damages, class action lawsuits, and government funded strategic litigation tosend strong deterrent messages, with the result that that ... ...
  • Solène Rowan, Remedies for Breach of Contract. A Comparative Analysis of the Protection of Performance, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012, 265 pp, hb £60.00.
    • No. 77-3, May 2014
    • The Modern Law Review
    ... ... It provides the most innovative discussion in the book and contains useful insights. The theme is approached through the discussion of punitive damages and the possibility of enforcing agreed remedies. Interestingly, these topics are not often taken up in discussions relating to the ... ...
  • EU Member States' Courts Versus U.S. Punitive Damages Awards for Physical Harm in Football: An Attempt at Defining Best Practice
    • No. III, January 2016
    • Dundee Student Law Review
    • Cedric Vanleenhove - Jan De Bruyne
    • Dr. Cedric Vanleenhove (Master in Law Ghent University, LL.M Cambridge) is currently Lecturer-In-Charge of an introductory course in the Bachelor of Laws Program as well as Post-Doctoral Researcher in the field of transnational law at Ghent University Law School. He was a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of European and Comparative Law of ...
    • 1-24
    ... ... punitive damages at the enforcement stage. When a legal system itself contains punitive-like remedies in private law, it cannot declare punitive damages unenforceable by using the international public policy escape clause. 36 Member States would be ... ...
  • Benchmarking Social Justice Allegiance of Dismissal Protections among the EE5 Countries
    • No. , May 2016
    • African Journal of International and Comparative Law
    • 242-271
    ... ... Economic justice anticipates the so-called remedies for unfair/unlawful dismissal. The e conomic justice dimension pertains ... Punitive measures, particularly relating to unfair discrimination, should also be ... ...
  • Index
    • No. 61-6, November 1998
    • The Modern Law Review
    ... ... Opportunity Doctrine: The Shifting Boundaries of the Duty and its Remedies 515 H ARRIS ,J ONATHAN Choice of Law in Tort —Blending in with the ... Torts 33 Constitutional Law, see PUBLIC LAW CONTRACT Damages 68 punitive damages 860 Deposits 255 Good faith 11 Misrepresentation statements of ... ...
  • Sally Engle Merry: The Seductions of Quantification: Measuring Human Rights, Gender Violence, and Sex Trafficking
    • No. 44-4, December 2017
    • Journal of Law and Society
    ... ... of phenomena, and proscribe hier- archical or holistic, punitive or enabling remedies to that which is considered a problem. On one level, ... ...
  • Jean Braucher, John Kidwell and William C. Whitford (eds), Revisiting the Contracts Scholarship of Stewart Macaulay: On the Empirical and the Lyrical, Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2013, 443 pp, hb £60.00
    • No. 78-4, July 2015
    • The Modern Law Review
    ... ... cause the business relationship to unravel, and anyway legal remedies for breach of contract were so costly and so weak as to make resort to the ... remedial regime, with greater access to coercive remedies and punitive damages for breach. More fundamentally, Macaulay showed that ‘sanctity ... ...
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