Redundancy and Layoffs in UK Law

    • No. 25-2, July 1987
    • British Journal of Industrial Relations
    ... ... Richard Aronson. JAI Press, 1986,210 pp., $43.50. Redundancy, Layoffs and Plant Closures: Their Character, Causes and ... ...
  • Who Controls Selection under ‘Voluntary’ Redundancy? The Case of the Redundant Mineworkers Payments Scheme
    • No. 34-2, June 1996
    • British Journal of Industrial Relations
    Voluntary redundancy schemes which offer extra‐statutory redundancy payments are often used as a mechanism for implementing redundancy in Britain. This paper reports the impact of one such scheme, ...
    ... ... (1987). ‘Extra-statutory redundancy payments in Britain’. British Journal of Industrial Relations, 25: 401-18. - (1995). ‘Layoffs with payoffs: a bargaining model of union wage and severance pay determination’. Economica, 62 551-64. - and Chatterji, M ... ...
  • Workers’ experiences of redundancy: evidence from Scottish defence‐dependent companies
    • No. 27-4, August 1998
    • Personnel Review
    • 325-342
    Examines the phenomenon of worker displacement resulting from redundancies within defence‐related industries. Focuses on responses to an extensive survey of people made redundant over a three‐year ...
    ... ... Indeed some reported a``climate of fear'' in the companies before the announcements, particularlywhere the required number of layoffs could not be met through voluntaryredundancies. ``When the word redundancy is flying about, or it's leaked, thewhole factory just changes, people are ... ...
  • The role of outplacement in redundancy management
    • No. 27-4, August 1998
    • Personnel Review
    • 343-353
    Explores redundancy as a significant and pervasive outcome of organisational change. Argues that the need to manage the redundancy transition has provoked the development of new HRM policies and pr...
    ... ... and Thomas, R. (1991), The UK Outplacement Report, Kingsland James Ltd(BMSL), London.Brockner, J. (1986), ``The impact of layoffs on survivors'', Supervisory Management, Vol. 31 No.6, pp. 2-7.Brockner, J. (1992), ``Managing the effects of layoffs on survivors'', California ... ...
  • The meanings, consequences and implications of the management of downsizing and redundancy: a review
    • No. 27-4, August 1998
    • Personnel Review
    • 271-295
    Review paper which draws together the various theoretical and disciplinary strands used in the literature to evaluate downsizing and redundancy. Defines downsizing and redundancy within the organis...
    ... ... Freeman and Cameron (1993) offertwo further distinguishing features of downsizing in relation to redundancy(or ``layoffs'' as this is referred to in the North American literature). For them,downsizing is an organisational-level concept whereas redundancy isapproached at ... ...
  • The Seniority Model of Trade Union Behaviour: A (Partial) Defence
    • No. 27-2, July 1989
    • British Journal of Industrial Relations
    ... ... layoffs or redundancies within the union sector are determined by a ... , employers conceded the principle of layoffs and redundancy according to inverse seniority. However, Turnbull argues, ... ...
    • No. 50-1, February 1988
    • Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics
    ... ... Other models typically assume that layoffs and redundancies are decided by simple random draw, e.g. McDonald and ... more precarious than if they were non-union workers or if redundancy was simply decided by random draw ... 58 BULLETIN process, and the ... ...
  • Extra‐statutory Redundancy Payments In Britain
    • No. 25-3, November 1987
    • British Journal of Industrial Relations
    ... ... L. and Chatterji, M. (1986), ‘Redundancy Payments, Specific Training Booth, A. L. and Satchell, S. E. (1987), ‘Layoffs with Payoffs: Explaining Non- Daniel, W. W. and Stilgoe, E. (1978), The Impact of Employment Protection Laws, Department of ... ...
  • The Controversy Over Advance Notice Legislation in the United States
    • No. 27-2, July 1989
    • British Journal of Industrial Relations
    ... ... employment losses occasioned by plant closings and mass layoffs. This paper seeks to establish what we do, and do not, know ... site to provide ninety-days’ notice of impending redundancy. This notice period applied where the employment loss was either ... ...
  • Industrial Conflict and Resolution in Canada and Britain
    • No. 12-2, February 1990
    • Employee Relations
    • 12-18
    Approaches to industrial conflict resolution in Canada and Britain are examined. The Canadian policy to regulate industrial conflict through a discrete interventionist formula, as opposed to Britis...
    ... ... and bidding systems for promotion and bumping systems for redundancy would do much to drain away labour-management conflict[24]. In Britain, ... so that redundancy becomes a major battleground, especially when layoffs are large and touch older employees. Job Control The third area around ... ...
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