Registrability in UK Law

  • Shaving the Trade Marks Directive Down to Size?
    • Núm. 63-4, Julio 2000
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... of the exceptions, together with the question of the extent to which policy concerns should be built into other parts of the test of registrability. 13 In the United Kingdom these issues were recently addressed by the Court of Appeal in Philips Electronics NV v Remington Consumer Products Ltd. ......
  • The Intersection between Registered and Unregistered Trade Marks
    • Núm. 35-3, Septiembre 2007
    • Federal Law Review
    ...... in the TMA for rejecting an application that are relevant when considering how unre gistered marks impact upon decisions as to registrability. The first ground for rejecting an application to register a mark that needs to be considered in this context is found in s 42(b ). That section ......
  • Lords Design Constraints
    • Núm. 59-3, Mayo 1996
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... to parts of an article which ‘must match’ another article.6 The introduction of these restrictions upon registrability reflects a belief that problems exist in relation to complex products which do not correspond to the image of the commodity ......
  • A Square Foot of Old Scotland: Ownership of Souvenir Plots
    • Núm. , Septiembre 2015
    • Edinburgh Law Review
    • 393-398
    ......9. Para 4.32. The Scottish Law Commission Report on Land Registration notes, “[w]e have seen it suggested that the non-registrability of souvenir plots means that ownership in them passes by simple contract. That is not so.”10. 10. Report on Land Registration (Scot Law Com No 222, ......
  • The Land Registration Act 2002 – the Show on the Road
    • Núm. 77-5, Septiembre 2014
    • The Modern Law Review
    This article reviews the Land Registration Act 2002, taking advantage of the deeper perspective afforded by the intervening decade, and absorbing subsequent developments – and, in the case of the A...
    ...... property interests arising in such ways at all, rather than solely in ways where the acquirer will know of the interest and of its registrability, or certainly can be advised about these things. But the wider position, having been 58 [2011] UKSC 53; [2012] 1 AC 776. 59 A belief in a precise ......
  • Notes of Cases
    • Núm. 49-4, Julio 1986
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... that this is not an insuperable obstacle but merely requires the application of the test which determines the registrability of designs under section l(3) of the Registered Designs Act 1949. It is, therefore, submitted that the approach of Lord ......
  • Reviews
    • Núm. 59-1, Enero 1996
    • The Modern Law Review
    Joseph Raz, Ethics in the Public Domain Robert C. Palmer, English Law in the Age of the Black Death, 1348–1381: A Transformation of Governance and Law Brian Bix, Law, Language, and Legal Determinac...
    ...... 164 0 The Modem Law Review Limited 19% . January 19961 Reviews widening as it does the scope of registrability and the protection for registered trade marks. Moreover, the introduction of the concept of ‘dilution’ (harming the ......
    • Núm. 30-1, Enero 1967
    • The Modern Law Review
    The Worker and the Law. First edition. By Professor K. W. Wedderburn, M.A., LL.B. The Restrictive Practices Court. By R. B. Stevens and B. S. Yamey. Sale of Goods. By G. H. L. Fridman, B.C.L., M.A....
    ...... 4 and 6). The third major discussion in the book centres on the scope of the registrability of agreements provision in section 6 (Chap. 8). Finally, . 104 THE MODEaN LAW REVIEW VOL. a0 the effect of the Act and ......
    • Núm. 21-1, Enero 1958
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... Beyond this intrinsic significance, the case was peculiarly important as the first on the issue of registrability under the new Act. Before looking at the facts and decision, it is necessary to comment briefly on the meaning ......
  • Cross‐border asset protection: an offshore perspective
    • Núm. 10-3, Julio 2003
    • Journal of Financial Crime
    • 229-245
    Considers the ability of an applicant to reach assets in offshore jurisdictions, showing that there is a difference between the offshore world and the rest of the world; most of the “traditional” o...
    ......Recognition andenforcement are two dierent beasts, and if localcourts recognised and accepted such registrability,they would become fully appraised of the basis for,and terms of the order aecting assets within theirjurisdiction. Once registered, there will be ......
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