Remediation in UK Law

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  • Remedies and Remediation: Foundations Issues in Environmental Liability
    • Núm. 58-5, Septiembre 1995
    • The Modern Law Review
  • Permitting Uncertainty: Owners, Occupiers And Responsibility For Remediation
    • Núm. 66-2, Marzo 2003
    • The Modern Law Review
  • Reviews
    • Núm. 59-3, Mayo 1996
    • The Modern Law Review
    Ronald Dworkin, Life's Dominion: An Argument about Abortion and Euthanasia M. Sornarajah, The International Law of Foreign Investment Ian Loveland, Housing Homeless Persons: Administrative Law and ...
    ...... Martin Loughlin * Randall L. Erickson and Robert D. Morrison, Environmental Reports and Remediation Plans: Forensic and Legal Review, New York: Wiley Law, 1995, xx + 570pp, hb €90.00. Both authors of this book are involved in ......
  • Stigma assessment: the case of a remediated contaminated site
    • Núm. 19-2, Abril 2001
    • Journal of Property Investment & Finance
    • 188-212
    The “stigma” associated with remediated contaminated land is the blighting effect on property value caused by perceived risk and uncertainty. Uncertainties relate to negative intangible factors suc...
    ......Uncertainties relate to negativeintangible factors such as the inability to effect a total ``cure'', the risk of failure of the remediationmethod, the risk of changes in legislation or remediation standards, the difficulty in obtainingfinance, or simply a fear of the unknown. Post-remediation ......
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