Right to Marry in UK Law

  • Gender Recognition Act 2004
    • UK Non-devolved
    • 1 de Enero de 2004
    ...... (3) This section does not prejudice the right of a person to. follow the property, or any property representing it, into ... register entry already exists for the person) and will be able to marry someone of the opposite gender to his or her acquired gender. . 5. Under ......
  • The Turks and Caicos Islands Constitution Order 2011
    • UK Non-devolved
    • 1 de Enero de 2011
    ......1 . FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS OF THE INDIVIDUAL PART I . FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS ...SCH-2.10 . . 10. Protection of right to marry and found a family . (1) Every unmarried man and woman of marriageable ......
  • Human Rights Act 1998
    • UK Non-devolved
    • 1 de Enero de 1998
    ......Article 12 . Right to marry . Right to marry. . Men and women of marriageable age have the right to marry and to found a family, according to the national laws governing the ......
  • Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act 2014
    • Scotland
    • 1 de Enero de 2014
    ...... . (2) In section 3 (notice of intention to marry)-. . . (a) in subsection (1)-. . (i) for paragraph (b) substitute-. . ... under section 103(3) or (4) of the 2004 Act (regulation by court of rights of occupancy of family home) is in force at the time the qualifying civil ......
  • Serious Crime Act 2015
    • UK Non-devolved
    • 1 de Enero de 2015
    ...... . (2) In section 108 (Lord Advocate's right of appeal in solemn proceedings)-. . . (a) in subsection (1), after ... . . (c) they are relatives;. . . (d) they have agreed to marry one another (whether or not the agreement has been terminated);. . . (e) ......
  • Coronavirus (Scotland) (No.2) Act 2020
    • Scotland
    • 1 de Enero de 2020
    ...... a tenancy—(a) the purpose of which is to confer on the tenant the right to occupy the let property while the tenant is a student, and(b) to which ... the ability of persons to exercise rights under Article 12 (right to marry) of the European Convention on Human Rights is not disproportionately ......
  • Matrimonial Causes Act 1857
    • UK Non-devolved
    • 1 de Enero de 1857
    ......of Marriage, Suits for Restitution of Conjugal Rights, and in all Causes, Suits, and Matters. Matrimonial, shall cease to be so ... S-LVII . Liberty to Parties to marry again. LVII Liberty to Parties to marry again. . LVII. When the Time ......
  • The Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants, etc) Act 2004 (Remedial) Order 2011
    • UK Non-devolved
    • 1 de Enero de 2011
    ......, etc) Act 20041has been declared2under section 4 of the Human Rights Act 19983to be incompatible with a Convention right4. The time for ... of marriage, to obtain the permission of the Secretary of State to marry in the United Kingdom. This is commonly referred to as the Certificate of ......
  • Legitimacy Act 1976
    • UK Non-devolved
    • 1 de Enero de 1976
    ...... provisions of this Act, where the parents of an illegitimate person marry one another, the marriage shall, if the father of the illegitimate person ...of legitimation. S-5 . Rights of legitimated persons and others to take interests in property. 5 Rights ......
  • Marriage Act 1983
    • UK Non-devolved
    • 1 de Enero de 1983
    ......Act shall affect the right of any person by virtue of section 36. or 37 of the Matrimonial Causes and ... to grant special licences to marry at any. convenient time at any place or affect the validity of any ......
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