Running a Charity in UK Law

  • Living in the Information Society
    • Núm. 15-6, Junio 1997
    • The Electronic Library
    • 473-474
    Andy Greaves is Executive Sponsor for IBM's community investment programme on IT and social inclusion, part of the Living in the Information Society series that IBM has been running in the UK since...
  • Reaping benefits from diversity
    • Núm. 7-5, Agosto 2008
    • Strategic HR Review
    • 5-10
    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to highlight the importance of diversity management initiatives using three good practice examples from employers operating in the manufacturing, IT and charit...
    ...... from employers operating in the manufacturing, IT and charity sectors in the UK. Design methodology/approach – Using IBM, Jaguar ... policies tend to miss out on recruiting top talent as well as running the risk of a backlash among job seekers. Making diversity part of ......
  • NSPCC invites adventurous walkers to trek for charity.
    • Núm. 2001, Enero 2001
    • Financial Management (UK)
    • Brief Article
    ......The NSPCC participates in events such as charity angling matches, golf tournaments and numerous running events from the Flora London Marathon to The Great North Run and The Brighton Triathlon. . For details, call 0870 6066004, or visit ......
  • RNLI rewards staff with educational opportunities
    • Núm. 6-6, Septiembre 2007
    • Strategic HR Review
    • 12-13
    The RNLI’s training and development manager, Marie Smith, explains why the charity took part in Adult Learners’ Week in the UK in May this year, and how creating a fun and inspiring program of acti...
    ......In 2005, the charity marked National Learning At Work Day, which is part of Adult Learners’ ..., and the charity also conducted research into the feasibility of running free learning events called Lite Bites over the lunchtime period. Cost ......
  • The employment law implications of charity mergers
    • Núm. 23-3, Junio 2001
    • Employee Relations
    • 271-289
    Examines the employment law implications for charities considering merger. Considers the employment law problems that are involved in charity mergers and the different strategies that have been emp...
    ......, or part of it, is bought or acquired by another, provided that this is done by the second charity buying or acquiring the assets and then running the charity and not simply acquiring the shares; where two charities cease to exist and combine to form a third; and, where a contract to provide ......
  • Time Off Work for Public Duties
    • Núm. 85-1/2, Enero 1985
    • Industrial Management & Data Systems
    • 20-21
    The community needs strong input from the citizenry and since many potentially come from the work group, employers have a special responsibility to look constructively at the issues involved. The l...
  • Policy watch
    • Núm. 14-2, Mayo 2010
    • Mental Health and Social Inclusion
    • 3-6
    A quarterly review of recent and forthcoming developments within mental health policy.
    ...... called the Brit ish Journal of Wellbeing , and the natio nal charity Together run ning a Mental Well-being week in March. Behind all this ......
  • Paper E1 enterprise operations: philanthropy is only one face of corporate social responsibility. CSR also covers ethics, regulatory compliance and business's contribution to economic development.
    • Núm. 2011, Enero 2011
    • Financial Management (UK)
    • Amarasekere, Tharindu
    • Study notes
    ...... little more than, say, making a one-off donation to some obscure charity. It has taken on far greater meaning in an age of climate change, ..." report, the M&S and Oxfam clothes exchange scheme has been running since January 2008 and has already raised [pounds sterling]2.5m for the ......
  • Supporting the Not‐for‐Profit Sector: the Government's Review of Charitable and Social Enterprise
    • Núm. 67-4, Julio 2004
    • The Modern Law Review
    ......, mergers, investm ent practi ces, and the role an d purpose of the Charity Com mission.The majority of the proposed reforms to charity law were ... PA P B , para 6.1.See, for example, the concern raised over the running of the charity Cancer Care Foundation:T.Shifrin,‘Watchdogsend team in ......
  • Exploring Strategic Positioning in the UK Charitable Sector: Emerging Evidence from Charitable Organizations that Provide Public Services
    • Núm. 20-1, Marzo 2009
    • British Journal of Management
    The UK voluntary sector operates in an arguably enabling policy context. Yet, other external environmental influences have posed major challenges for charitable organizations within the wider volun...
    ...... experiences of the case study organizations provide guidance to charity managers in planning and implementing strategic positioning in their ...It is capital intensive and running costs are also very high. Technical innovation and competence are also ......
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