Safety Hazards in UK Law

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Leading Cases
  • Glasgow Corporation v Muir
    • House of Lords
    • 16 Abr 1943

    The Court must be careful to place itself in the position of the person charged with the duty and to consider what he or she should have reasonably anticipated as a natural and probable consequence of neglect, and not to give undue weight to the fact that a distressing accident has happened, or that witnesses, in the witness box, are prone to express regret, ex post facto, that they did not take some step, which it is now realised would definitely have prevented the accident.

  • Odeon Associated Theatres Ltd v Jones
    • Court of Appeal
    • 03 Nov 1971

    Where, however, there is evidence which is accepted by the court as establishing a sound commercial accounting practice conflicting with no statute, that normally is the end of the matter. The court adopts the practice, applies it and decides the case accordingly.

  • R v Thomas
    • Court of Appeal
    • 01 Dic 1983

    At the top of the scale of course, come the carefully planned abductions where the victim is used as a hostage or where ransom money is demanded. Such offences will seldom be met with less than eight years' imprisonment or thereabouts. Where violence or firearms are used, or there are other exacerbating features such as detention of the victim over a long period of time, then the proper sentence will be very much longer than that.

  • Nili Sternbaum v Bal Binder Dhesi
    • Court of Appeal
    • 18 Mar 2016

    The photographs show a staircase of a kind that one might find in hundreds of old buildings across the country. It looks very much like one of the examples given by Laws LJ in Alker of a hazard that is not in a state of disrepair, namely "a very steep stairway with no railings". Given the narrowness of the tread and the steepness of the flight of steps, particularly where it turns the corner, I have little doubt that, without a handrail, it was a hazard.

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Law Firm Commentaries
  • 'H' Is For HACCP and GHP, And Their Application In The Food & Drink Industry
    • Mondaq United Kingdom
    • 7 de Octubre de 2010
    ...Food safety is of primary concern to the food industry and the appropriate ... identify any hazards that must be prevented eliminated or reduced identify the critical ......
  • FDA sends warning letters to companies in New Jersey, California, and the UK
    • LexBlog United Kingdom
    • Marler Clark LLP, PS
    • 26 de Mayo de 2020
    As part of its enforcement activities, the Food and Drug Administration sends warning letters to entities under its jurisdiction. Some letters are not posted for public view until weeks or months a...
    ...... product that they produce to determine whether there are food safety hazards that are reasonably likely to occur and have a HACCP plan that, at ......
  • Draft CDM 2015 And Related Guidance
    • Mondaq UK
    • 9 de Febrero de 2015
    ...... phase appointed to plan, manage, monitor and co-ordinate health and safety during that phase. Clients have a number of extra duties:. Appointing a ... pre-construction information, including health and safety hazards, to every designer and contractor appointed or considered for appointment. ......
  • Protecting vulnerable populations goal of new FSA guidance document
    • LexBlog United Kingdom
    • 14 de Septiembre de 2016
    New non-binding guidance for reducing the risk to vulnerable groups from contracting listeriosis was released Tuesday for the United Kingdom by the country’s Food Standards Agency. The guidance app...
    ...... Control Point (HACCP) plans in place to identify and control food safety hazards. They must also consider food safety in light of populations with ......
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