Surveillance in UK Law

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  • Limits on surveillance: Frictions, fragilities and failures in the operation of camera surveillance
    • Núm. 2-1, Febrero 2004
    • Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society
    • 9-19
    Public video surveillance tends to be discussed in either utopian or dystopian terms: proponents maintain that camera surveillance is the perfect tool in the fight against crime, while critics argu...
  • Wearable surveillance – a step too far?
    • Núm. 14-6, Noviembre 2015
    • Strategic HR Review
    • 214-219
    Purpose: – This paper aims to look at the benefits, risks and ethics behind introducing wearable sensors into the workplace. There are expected to be more than three billion wearable sensors worldw...
  • Surveillance following Snowden: a major challenge in Spain
    • Núm. 15-3, Agosto 2017
    • Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society
    • 265-282
    Purpose: This study aims to analyse the impacts of Edward Snowden’s revelations in Spain focusing on issues of privacy and state surveillance. This research takes into consideration the Spanish con...
  • The Panopticon Effect: the surveillance of police officers
    • Núm. 2-1, Marzo 2016
    • Journal of Criminological Research, Policy and Practice
    • 28-39
    Purpose: – Police officers from a police force in Australia were interviewed about the types and level of surveillance they experience in their work, with the recognition of technology contributing...
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