Trade Secret in UK Law

  • Commercial satellite imagery: CI, KM, and trade secret law
    • Nbr. 37-2, June 2007
    • VINE
    • 192-206
    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to examine the implications of remote surveillance or satellite imagery as they relate to trade secret law, knowledge management, and competitive intelligence....
  • Secret Ballots:. Lessons from trade union recognition disputes
    • Nbr. 2-2, February 1980
    • Employee Relations
    • 25-30
    The shortcoming of secret ballots, as with any other kind of opinion poll, is that people may choose not to believe them. Indeed, where important industrial relations issues are at stake, parties t...
  • Should there be corporate concern?. Examining American university intellectual property policies
    • Nbr. 4-1, March 2003
    • Journal of Intellectual Capital
    • 49-60
    Academia is an industry like many of those in the private sector. It produces valuable patents, copyrights and other intellectual property. Consequently, the “research for sale” industry by way of ...
    ......:patent, copyright, general loyalty clauses, invention, trademark or trade-secret policies.IntroductionEstablishing the duty to ......
  • Blacklists and Black Sheep
    • Nbr. 83-1, March 2010
    • Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles
    Policing the activities that are borderline between being criminal and non-criminal are complex. Other enforcement agencies, such as the Information Commissioner's Office and the Office of Fair Tra...
    ......The recent revelation of a secret blacklist of 3,200 construction workers detailing their trade union ......
  • Parties and Factions in Trade Unions
    • Nbr. 12-1, January 1990
    • Employee Relations
    • 23-31
    Political change in the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union during 1960‐80 is examined and the role of “parties” (legitimate and permanent groups) and “factions” (non‐legitimate and transient gro...
    ......Parties and Factions in Trade Unions Richard Blackwell Since 1980 legislation has increasingly required unions to adopt secret ballots. Proponents of the changes believe "democratisation" will enable the silent, apolitical, if not Conservative, majority to be heard[1]. One ......
  • For Queen and Company: The Role of Intelligence in the UK's Arms Trade
    • Nbr. 55-4, December 2007
    • Political Studies
    This article analyses the role that the UK intelligence services (particularly Secret Intelligence Service [SIS or MI6], the Defence Intelligence Staff [DIS], Government Communication Headquarters ...
    ...... Robert Dover . King’s College London . This article analyses the role that the UK intelligence services (particularly Secret Intelligence Service [SIS or MI6], the Defence Intelligence Staff [DIS], Government Communication Headquarters [GCHQ] ......
  • These secret salesmen at your service
    • Nbr. 81-1, January 1981
    • Industrial Management & Data Systems
    • 28-30
    FEW of Britain's hard‐pressed exporters would nowadays deny that nations dependent on international trade for their survival need a good reputation. The UK is no exception. And nations, like people...
    ......INFORMATION S WORLD-WISE ret at ce FEW of Britain's hard-pressed expor-ters would nowadays deny that nations dependent on international trade for their survival need a good reputation. The UK is no exception. And nations, like people, have to work hard in the modern world of fast ......
  • Should the Law of Theft Extend to Information?
    • Nbr. 69-4, August 2005
    • Journal of Criminal Law, The
    This article discusses whether the criminal offence of theft should extend to include information or should remain limited to corporeal property. It considers the inherent problems in satisfying th...
    ...... is punished far more severely than the theft of the boardroom secrets’. 1 This article proceeds on the basis that there is no offence of ‘ ... not include provisions which criminalised the misappropriation of trade secrets. Mr Alan Campbell QC wrote to The Times a year previously on ......
  • Trade Secrets: The Spring‐Board Unsprung
    • Nbr. 42-1, January 1979
    • The Modern Law Review
  • Recent Book: Countering Industrial Espionage
    • Nbr. 56-1, January 1983
    • Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles
    ...... to control the vast increase in "theft" of company secrets. He also advocates the licensingof the private investigators who ... information, design process, procedure, formula, invention, trade secret or improvement, financial instruments, information, ......
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