Waste in UK Law

  • R (Reprotech (Pebsham) Ltd) v East Sussex County Council
    • House of Lords
    • 28 February 2002
    ... ... LORD HOFFMANN My Lords, ... 7 In 1989 the East Sussex County Council built a waste treatment plant near a landfill site just north of the A259 between Bexhill and St Leonards-on-Sea. It was vested in a company owned by the council ... ...
  • Re Celtic Extraction Ltd ((in Liquidation))
    • Court of Appeal (Criminal Division)
    • 14 July 1999
    ... ... Lord Justice Morritt ... 1 These appeals raise two questions: (1) Is a Waste Management Licence granted under the Environment Protection Act 1990 (" EPA ") "property" within the meaning of that word as defined in s.436 ... ...
  • R (Edwards) v Environment Agency (No. 2)
    • House of Lords
    • 16 April 2008
    ... ... 1, the regulations "[require] us not to consider the environment as a recipient of pollutants and waste, which can be filled up to a given level, but to do all that is practicable to minimise the impact of industrial activities." (To similar effect, ... ...
  • Hague Plant Ltd v Hague and Ors
    • Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
    • 11 December 2014
    ... ... It stationed plant there and, when MHH obtained an even more valuable waste transfer licence for the site, provided the plant and workforce for the waste recycling operation carried on there, upon the basis that the proceeds ... ...
  • Blewett v Derbyshire Waste Ltd
    • Queen's Bench Division (Administrative Court)
    • 07 November 2003
  • R v North Yorkshire County Council, ex parte Brown and Another
    • House of Lords
    • 11 February 1999
    ... ... on a grant of planning permission for development consisting of the winning and working of minerals or involving the depositing of mineral waste": para. 2(1)(a). These words plainly confer a very wide discretion to impose conditions for the protection of the environment, subject of course to ... ...
  • R (Greenpeace Ltd) v Secretary of State for Trade and Industry
    • Queen's Bench Division (Administrative Court)
    • 16 February 2007
    ... ... … The main focus of public concern about nuclear power is on the unsolved problem of long-term nuclear waste disposal, coupled about perceptions about the vulnerability of nuclear power plants to accidents and attack. Any move by government to advance the ... ...
  • R v Hertfordshire County Council, ex parte Green Environmental Industries Ltd and another
    • House of Lords
    • 17 February 2000
    ... ... LORD HOFFMANN My Lords, ... 3 The question in this appeal is whether a person who has unlawfully deposited waste without a licence may refuse to provide information about his activities which has been requested pursuant to a statutory power by a local waste ... ...
  • Bowen-West v Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government (1st Respondent) Northamptonshire County Council (2nd Respondent) Augean Plc (3rd Respondent)
    • Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
    • 18 January 2012
    ... ... By that decision, the Secretary of State granted to the third respondents, Augean plc, a permission to dispose of low level radioactive waste ("LLW") in addition to hazardous waste ("HW") which was already permitted, at a hazardous waste landfill site known as the East Northamptonshire ... ...
  • Barr v Biffa Waste Services Ltd
    • Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
    • 19 March 2012
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