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  • Desktop Reference for Foreign Private Issuers With FYE 30 June 2024

    This Latham resource allows FPIs with a 30 June fiscal year-end to stay abreast of key SEC filing dates and financial staleness deadlines.

  • AI Tools Could Enhance UK Gov't Public Services Strategy

    On Feb. 29, the U.K. government announced that U.K. ministers will pilot artificial intelligence tools to analyze responses to government consultations and respond to questions from Parliament, in an effort to boost ministers' efficiency in so-called routine policy work.

  • FCA and PRA Publish Final Securitisation Rules: Key Points

    Firms will need to update their internal procedures and ensure they are ready to comply with the new requirements ahead of 1 November 2024. HM Treasury (HMT), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) have fired the starting gun for the race to 1 November 2024, when the new UK securitisation framework will commence. HMT, the FCA, and the PRA decided to implement the new rules on 1 November 2024 in response to requests from market participants for a six-month period to give them time to prepare.

  • April Employment Law Round-Up: Platform Workers, Non-Competes and Beyond

    Although many employment changes in the UK are largely on ice until after the election later this year, April has seen a number of employment law developments – largely from the courts. We highlight some recent decisions, on protection for striking workers, reasonable adjustments for disabled employees, an unhelpful decision on claims for holiday pay, and a more helpful decision limiting whistleblowing claims.

  • UK Jurisdiction Taskforce Concludes Digital Assets Compatible With English Insolvency Law

    The Legal Statement applies areas of insolvency law to digital assets, providing valuable guidance on the approach English courts will take. In October 2023, the UK’s Jurisdiction Taskforce (UKJT), which is made up of senior judges, lawyers, a law commissioner, and the Financial Conduct Authority as an observer, issued a consultation on the treatment of digital assets in an English insolvency. This has resulted in the issuance of a Legal Statement on Digital Assets and English Insolvency Law, in which the UKJT has concluded that existing English insolvency law is “entirely capable of convenient and sensible application to disputes concerning digital assets”. Although lacking any binding authority, the Legal Statement provides valuable guidance on the likely approach that the English courts will take to these issues.

  • Sanctions Update: UK Sanctions Expand to Target Further Russian Metals and Alleged Military Collaborators

    The UK’s latest sanctions affect multiple areas and actors, including Turkish, Chinese, and Dubai-based entities alleged to support Russian military activities. This Client Alert is published in the context of ongoing developments and should be read in conjunction with Latham’s previous sanctions updates. Given the frequency with which different jurisdictions impose new sanctions on Russia and the detailed and nuanced nature of the sanctions updates, businesses exposed to sanctions-related developments in Russia should obtain up-to-date legal advice before taking any steps that may have legal consequences.

  • FTSE 350: Snapshot of AGM Key Trends – 2024 Update

    We have gathered and examined data from AGM Notices published by FTSE 350 companies since January 2024. We have set out the approach companies have taken on a number of key aspects of their meetings, including where the meetings are being held, the arrangements made for Q&As and the varying levels of shareholder engagement being offered. We have also identified the categories of resolutions that received 20% or more dissenting votes at AGMs last year and show the trend this year to date.

  • A “special merger control regime” for Energy Network Enterprises

    What has changed? The Energy Act 2023 introduces a new UK merger control regime under which all mergers between energy network companies active in the UK can be assessed for their impact on Ofgem’s ability to make comparisons between energy networks. Transactions can be blocked/unwound where such impact is found to be prejudicial.

  • General Data Protection Regulation Guidelines

    Parties that have possession, custody, or control of evidence potentially relevant to U.S. litigation or investigations are typically required to identify, collect, preserve, and produce such evidence (with limited exceptions) in response to discovery requests, subpoenas or litigation demands, regardless of where that evidence is located. Those requirements, however, may directly conflict with provisions in the European and UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Where litigation or investigation matters involve evidence located in Europe or the UK, parties are put into a difficult position of determining how to comply with U.S. discovery and/or production obligations without violating the GDPR. For even a single GDPR violation parties can be fined up to the greater of 20 million Euro or 4% of a company’s annual worldwide revenue. Practitioners do not want to face such liabilities. The guidelines, accompanying checklist, model hold notice, and model protective order were developed by our EDRM team to help facilitate compliance. - David Cohen, Partner, Reed Smith LLP, co-Project Trustee. The white paper addressing “General Data Protection Regulation Guidelines” is published by EDRM’s GDPR Project Group led by co-Project Trustees, David R. Cohen, Partner and Yelizaveta Kotova, eDiscovery Attorney, Reed Smith LLP. The Commercial Litigation Association of Ireland is delighted to endorse the EDRM’s Data Protection Guidelines, which are an invaluable tool for lawyers in understanding and ensuring their obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation when engaged in cross-border litigation. - Helen Kilroy, Chair of the Commercial Litigation Association of Ireland (CLAI).

  • The Pensions Brief - March 2024

    The Pensions Brief is a monthly update for trustees and employers of occupational pension schemes in the UK. It provides headline summaries of developments over the previous month and associated action points. It also includes a timeline of forthcoming developments over the next 12 months.

Featured documents

  • Smells Like Trademark Protection: Copycat Perfumes Cannot Engage in Comparative Advertising, on Odor of the Court

    L’Oreal scored a major victory in trademark protection against smell-alike perfumes this past month in England's Court of Appeal. In L’Oréal v. Bellure, the court held that Bellure's use of lists in its advertising that compared its perfumes' scents to those of well-known L'Oréal perfumes...

  • The United Kingdom Issues Much Anticipated Consultation on Guidance for the Bribery Act’s “Adequate Procedures” Defense

    In April 2010, the United Kingdom passed the Bribery Act, which created several new anti-corruption offenses. Of particular note, the Bribery Act included a new “strict liability” offense that imposes liability on any company with ties to the U.K. that fails to prevent persons performing services...

  • FSA and Bank of England Announce New Draft Code of Practice for Auditors and Supervisors

    On February 10, the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) published for consultation a draft code of practice designed to improve audit effectiveness and ensure that supervisors are better informed about, and able to challenge, the firms they regulate. The code of practice (the product of a...

  • The UK’s Independent Commission on Banking recommends reform to boost financial stability and competition

    The UK’s Independent Commission on Banking has released its interim report proposing reforms of the banking sector to promote financial stability and competition. While the issues considered and the scope of the proposed reforms are significant, so too are the omissions. In particular, the link...

  • International HR News - July 2011

    Recent prosecutions by the National Labor Relations Board have the employer community all atwitter over the Board’s apparent social media policy. While social media law is too new and undeveloped to give a clear picture, the Labor Board’s approach appears to give employees broad latitude to...

  • New UK Employment Laws

    The UK Government yesterday announced two significant changes to UK employment laws intended to favour employers. These will come into effect in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Increasing the qualifying period Currently, employees gain protection against being unfairly dismissed only after...

  • FSA Publishes Its Report on the Failure of RBS

    On December 12, the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) published its Report on the failure of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and the FSA’s conduct in relation to it. The Report considers: why RBS failed and the complex combination of factors that led to RBS’s failure; lessons to be...

  • UK Court of Appeal: Fixed-Share LLP Member Was Not an Employee

    This DechertOnPoint reports on the Court of Appeal’s recent decision confirming that, on the particular facts of the case, a member of a fixed share Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) was not an employee and was not therefore entitled to the statutory rights — such as to claim...

  • Renminbi – An opportunity for the London market?

    Much has been written recently in the European press regarding the internationalisation of the RMB and earlier this year, London announced that it was in talks with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority to explore London as a base for the offshore RMB trading platform in Europe. While the ongoing effort ...

  • Clash of the Generations - Age Discrimination in the United Kingdom in 2012

    In Europe, many employers are currently caught in the middle of a conflict between older and younger employees. Many older employees want to work longer (whether by choice or necessity), while younger employees feel that an aging workforce is hampering their career progression. Both feel that...

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