Default of Appearance in UK Law

    • Núm. 12-3, July 1949
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... the Committee feel that both the ordinary and default procedure should be retained. A propcsal that all the London ... should be retained even where rather forbidding in appearance to the layman, e.g., the use of the word ‘przecipe’. On ......
  • Interim Report Of The Committee On Supreme Court Practice And Procedure (Cmd. 7764)
    • Núm. 12-4, October 1949
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... fact; (2) the more expeditious recovery of judgment in default of appearance or defence or under 0. XIV, and the more ......
  • Our Archaic Forms of Execution
    • Núm. 4-3, January 1941
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... debit of A41 recovered by judgment in the High Court in default of appearance amount to about 632, and for a similar ......
  • Singapore: Money Laundering — Legal Implications for Financial Institutions
    • Núm. 1-2, February 1997
    • Journal of Money Laundering Control
    • 184-189
    In October 1995, the Singapore Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) with the assistance of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the US Drug Enforcement Administration, uncovered a multi‐million dol...
    ...... subject to further appeal, (ii) where the order was procured in default of appearance, there was sufficient proof of service, and (iii) the ......
  • Notes Of Cases
    • Núm. 44-6, November 1981
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... in default of appearance or defence, has been changed by the Court of ......
    • Núm. 48-2, March 1985
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... though there had been no actual trial, for example, due to default of appearance or defence: “that construction of the 1934 ......
  • Recent Legal Developments
    • Núm. 17-4, December 2010
    • Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law
    ...... of t he judgment to public policy ; the judgment was delivered i n default of appearance of the defendant, who was not served with the document ......
  • The Orams Case, the Judgments Regulation and Public Policy: An English and European Law Perspective
    • Núm. 16-4, December 2009
    • Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law
    Using as a starting point the landmark ruling of the European Court of Justice in Apostolides v. Orams this Article examines the interpretation of the concept of public policy and its concrete appl...
    ...... of jurisdic tion or révision au fond (even in the case of default" judgments), subject only to the non-applicability of a l imited number of \xE2"... parties , ( ii) where the judgment was issued in default of appearance, t he defendant was not notied of t he complaint in sucient time ......
  • Orams V. Apostolides: A Case Study on the Application in English Law of the Brussels I Regulation in the Light of the Act of Accession 2003
    • Núm. 14-2, June 2007
    • Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law
    This article uses a recent ruling of the High Court of Justice of England and Wales as the starting point for an enquiry into the interpretation of Protocol no. 10 to the Act of Accession 2003 and,...
    ...... e judgment of the Nicosia Dist rict Court, entered in default of appearance , was appealed agai nst by the judgment debtors but ......
  • Building brands through brand alliances: combining warranty information with a brand ally
    • Núm. 22-2, April 2013
    • Journal of Product & Brand Management
    • 153-160
    Purpose: While previous research has shown a positive influence of a brand ally or a warranty, published research has not explored the effects of using multiple types of quality signals. The purpos...
    ......The purpose of this paper is to explore the joint effect of a default-independent signal (i.e. a brand ally) combinedwith a default-contingent ...Pacific feels that the appearance of the Disney Worldwname in theproduct’s promotions will benefit ......
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