Discovery Medical Records in UK Law

Leading Cases
  • Kent County Council, Re B (A Child) v the Mother and Others
    • Family Division
    • 19 Mar 2004

    When a family judge makes a freeing or an adoption order in relation to a twenty-year old mother's baby, the mother will have to live with the consequences of that decision for what may be upwards of 60 years, and the baby for what may be upwards of 80 years.

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  • Access to Health Records Act 1990
    • UK Non-devolved
    • 1 de Enero de 1990
    ......the Family Practitioner Committee or Health Board. on whose medical list the patient's most recent. general practitioner was included;. (b) in disclosed to him or his representatives whether by. discovery (or, in Scotland, recovery) or otherwise. (5) The jurisdiction conferred ......
  • Companies Act 1985
    • UK Non-devolved
    • 1 de Enero de 1985 the transferor company's accounting records immediately. before the transfer,. . . ... falsification and facilitating its discovery. . (3) If default is made in complying with ... . b . ) remuneration on suspension on medical grounds under section. 19 of that Act,. . . . ......
  • Coroners Act 1988
    • UK Non-devolved
    • 1 de Enero de 1988
    ......medical practitioner of not less than five years' ... council and be kept with the council's records. . (4) Subsection (1) of section 2 above shall ..., insufficiency of inquiry, the discovery. of new facts or evidence or otherwise) it is ......
  • Family Proceedings Rules 1991
    • UK Non-devolved
    • 1 de Enero de 1991
    ......, to which shall be attached a copy of any medical report mentioned therein. S-2.3 . Contents of ... S-2.20 . Discovery of documents in defended cause Discovery of ... been fulfilled, shall be entered in the records of the court. S-2.46 . Intervention to show ......
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Books & Journal Articles
  • Access to Medical RecordsDiscovery, Confidentiality and Privacy
    • Núm. 42-1, Enero 1979
    • The Modern Law Review
  • An integrated electronic medical record system (iEMRS) with decision support capability in medical prescription
    • Núm. 14-3, Agosto 2012
    • Journal of Systems and Information Technology
    • 236-245
    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to show how a clinical decision support system can help in prescription and knowledge acquisition processes. Design/methodology/approach: An integrated electr...
    .......Design/methodology/approach – An integrated electronic medical records system (iEMRS) isdesigned to enhance the decision support quality in ... support system, knowledge in iEMRS is generated by the knowledge discovery resultfrom professional experiences of various physicians and patient ......
  • Knowledge discovery in textual documentation: qualitative and quantitative analyses
    • Núm. 57-5, Octubre 2001
    • Journal of Documentation
    • 577-590
    This paper presents an approach for performing knowledge discovery in texts through qualitative and quantitative analyses of high‐level textual characteristics. Instead of applying mining technique...
    ......In thispaper, an application of the approach to medical records of apsychiatric hospital is presented. The approach helps ......
  • Common Law Access to Medical Records
    • Núm. 59-1, Enero 1996
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... Access to Medical Records Dermot Feenan” Seventeen years ago, Gerald Dworkin asked in this journal whether, apart from discovery proceedings, a patient has a common law right to see her medical records.1 The Court of Appeal has now for the first ......
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Law Firm Commentaries
  • Handling Patient Data: Current Data Protection Issues - October 2012
    • Mondaq United Kingdom
    ...... statutory (or similar functions); or for medical purposes by or on behalf of a medical ... logged on NHS SPINE, the national care records service but Trust staff had failed to use the ... The fine was imposed following the discovery, on hard drives sold on an internet auction site, ......
  • The Future Awakens - Life Sciences And Health Care Predictions 2022
    • Mondaq UK
    ...... for R&D and deliver more cost-effective medical innovations. The 'industrialisation' of pharma ... compliance, commercial, development and discovery. Data is the new health care currency Artificial ... health care through mining medical records, designing treatment plans, speeding up medical ......
  • Ransomware In Health Care: An Insurance-Based Analysis
    • Mondaq UK
    ...The medical field recognizes a standard pre-procedure ... health team's access to patient medical records. Increasingly, patient medical records are ...Lange, Electronic Evidence and Discovery: What Every Lawyer Should Know Now, ch. 5, ......
  • Legal And Ethical Challenges Of Data-Driven Healthcare Innovation
    • Mondaq UK to streamline medical diagnoses and identify which therapies a. patient ... Patient data is now kept in digital records in. hospitals, which means the data stored in ...faster. drug discovery and faster to market), and so companies should. ......
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