Infant Ruling in UK Law

Leading Cases
  • S v S; W v Official Solicitor
    • House of Lords
    • 23 Jul 1970

    That means that the presumption of legitimacy now merely determines the onus of proof. Once evidence has been led it must be weighed without using the presumption as a make-weight in the scale for legitimacy. So even weak evidence against legitimacy must prevail if there is not other evidence to counterbalance it. The presumption will only come in at that stage in the very rare case of the evidence being so evenly balanced that the Court is unable to reach a decision on it.

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  • Criminal Justice Act 2003
    • UK Non-devolved
    • 01 de Janeiro de 2003
    ......a hearing,. . as they apply in relation to a ruling under section 40 of that Act,. but subject to the following modifications. ...SCH-15.23 .   . 23 An offence under section 1 of the Infant Life (Preservation) Act 1929 (c. 34) (child destruction). SCH-15.24 .   ......
  • Domestic Abuse Act 2021
    • UK Non-devolved
    • 01 de Janeiro de 2021
    ...... to reconsider and make a new decision in accordance with its ruling; . (c) (c) make any order which the court that made the decision appealed ... (e) (e) an offence under section 1 of the Infant Life (Preservation) Act 1929 (child destruction). . (3) Subsection (1) ......
  • Foreign Compensation (Egypt) (Interim Distribution) Order, 1959
    • UK Non-devolved
    • 01 de Janeiro de 1959
    ...... applicable shall be the middle rate of telegraphic transfers ruling in the London market on the 27th day of July, 1956, or, if there was no ... claim has been established under the Determination Order is an infant at the date when the amount payable to him under the present Order is due ......
  • Rules of the Supreme Court (Revision) 1965
    • UK Non-devolved
    • 01 de Janeiro de 1965
    ....... 91. Proceedings relating to infants: Chancery Division. . 92. Lodgment, investment, etc. of funds in court: .... (5) A new trial shall not be ordered by reason of the ruling of any judge that a document is sufficiently stamped or does not require ......
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Books & Journal Articles
    • Núm. 18-5, September 1955
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... I, page 444, to the effect that “ there seems no reason except the antiquity of the rulings to that effect which can support the broad proposition that an infant’s 18 At p. 33. 19 Their succinct judgments appear on ......
  • Pre‐Natal Injury and Transferred Malice: The Invented Other
    • Núm. 59-6, November 1996
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... of the child, he was charged with the murder of the infant", but was acquitted of this later charge on the trial judge\xE2\x80"ruling that there was no case to go to the jury, as the facts alleged ......
  • In Whose Best Interests?
    • Núm. 60-5, September 1997
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... with the dilemma of whether to authorise medical treatment of an infant with bilary atresia — a liver defect. The Court of Appeal y overturned the ruling of Connell J that it was in the best interests of the 18 month old child ......
  • Child‐Killing in English Law
    • Núm. 1-4, March 1938
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... could avoid the breakdown in the law relating to infanticides and stop the gap in the law of murder which gave impunity ... the appel- lant’s counsel strongly contested this ruling. His argument was that “between insanity and sanity there ......
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Law Firm Commentaries
  • IP Snapshot: May/June 2008
    • Mondaq United Kingdom
    ...... The Court of Appeal has overturned the High Court's. ruling of December 2006 which granted the former organist of. the band Procol ... behalf of JK Rowling's infant son, David Murray, following. the covert taking and subsequent ......
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