Party Walls in UK Law

  • Aristotelian rhetoric and Facebook success in Israel’s 2013 election campaign
    • Nbr. 39-2, April 2015
    • Online Information Review
    • 149-162
    Purpose: – The purpose of this paper is to contribute to the mapping of the social media discourse involving politicians and their followers during election campaigns, the authors examined Israeli ...
    ...... rhetorical strategies usedby Israeli politicians on their Facebook walls during the 2013 elections, and their popularity with socialmedia .../implications –The findings indicate that Israel’s multi-party politicalsystem encourages emphasis on candidates’credibility (ethos) in ......
  • Pathologies of Defense
    • Nbr. 21-2, June 1984
    • Journal of Peace Research
    The broadest concept of defense is that of preventing unwanted change. This implies human evaluations of complex systems, estimating a given change as for the better or for the worse. The distincti...
    ...... A conflict process is a change in which one party is perceived to become better off, the other worse off. Again ..., counterthreat (deterrence), or threat diminution (armor, walls). National defense is basically non-economic; it does not justify ......
  • Reviews
    • Nbr. 39-1, January 1976
    • The Modern Law Review
    Just How Just? By David Lewis and Peter Hughman. Criminal Law: Cases and Materials. By J. C. Smith and Brian Hogan. Cases and Materials on Criminal Law and Procedure. Fourth edition. Edited by M. L...
    ...... fixing and variation of boundaries, evidence, fences, party walls, tort and boundary disputes. The appendices include ......
    • Nbr. 2-1, February 1955
    • Scottish Journal of Political Economy
    ...... ' house ' as 'all the space within the external and party walls of a building ', and in the Census for England and ......
  • Five-foot ways as public and private domain in Singapore and beyond
    • Nbr. 10-1, April 2018
    • Journal of Property, Planning and Environmental Law
    • 36-55
    Purpose: This paper aims to explore the concept and spread of the five-foot way (5FW) as an aspect of urban design peculiar to Southeast Asia. It locates the 5FW as an aspect of planning law and pr...
    ...... by a grid pattern network of roads andbacklanes [..] and share party walls. [The shophouse] provides facilities for businesspremises on the ......
  • Review: China: Opposition and Dissent in Contemporary China
    • Nbr. 34-4, December 1979
    • International Journal
    ...... posters - those at- tacking certain individuals in the party, for example - are often insti- gated by a person or group in ... than in the ussR, where factions rarely, if ever, plaster walls with posters demanding the removal of mayors or party chiefs. The ......
  • Reorganising Labour: Constructing a new politics.
    • Vol. 24 Nbr. 4, December 2016
    • Renewal
    • Watts, Jake
    • Labour's Internal Politics
    ......But party re-organisation is never merely about process and structure. It is always ...Folding down the walls of the party through procedural change would mean an influx of new ......
  • Editorial
    • Nbr. 25-2, May 2018
    • Journal of Financial Crime
    • 246-247
    ...... with, forexample, obligations of care, interference with third-party contractual rights and even the legalviability of “Chinese ......
  • Admissibility Of Evidence Obtained By Illegal Search And Seizure Under The United States Constitution
    • Nbr. 28-3, May 1965
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... house into a crevice extend- ing several inches into the party wall until the spike made contact with the heating duct ... under the local property law relating to party walls ” because I’ Fourth Amendment rights are not inevitably ......
  • Notes of Cases
    • Nbr. 27-5, September 1964
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... 596 THE MODERN LAW REVIEW VOL. 27 Where a third party was involved in the cases cited, he had actual notice of ... of Property Act, 1925, on adjoining owners of party walls. Now if no right to protection from the weather can exist ......
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