19% of organisations have no 'Business Continuity plan'.


SteelEye Technology, Inc. have released a preview of results from its forthcoming market survey, the SteelEye Technology Business Continuity Index, deployed in conjunction with Continuity Central (http://www.continuitycentral.com). Top-level findings show that despite both growing industry-wide adoption of formalised BC plans (73%) and a startling percentage of organisations that have needed to invoke those plans (45%), many organisations still fall short in their preparedness for an IT disaster.

Respondents to the international survey reported that on average, they have less than 48 hours to correct outages before the downtime becomes a potentially fatal issue for their organisations, with the largest slice of organisations (32%) reporting anything more than four hours of outage as disastrous. Despite this narrow window, 19% of organisations have no plan whatsoever for assuring business continuity, with these enterprises most often blaming cost as the key barrier. But the survey also showed that the...

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