28% of enterprises are already experimenting with blockchain.

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Blockchain-washing is rife with thousands of vendors and consortia vying for mindshare

As it publishes its Blockchain Codex, 451 Research revealed that 28% of enterprises are now evaluating or using blockchain although fewer than 3% have any production applications.

According to the 2017 Voice of the Enterprise Cloud Transformation, Vendor Evaluations study (add link), 20% of organizations surveyed are using blockchain in a discovery or evaluation phase, 4% running trials or pilots, 2% in test and development environments, 2% undertaking initial implementations of production applications and less than 1% have broad implementation of production applications.

The market is rife with blockchain-washing and there is little understanding about how enterprises can deploy blockchain profitably while navigating a market with thousands of vendors and hundreds of consortia vying for mindshare. The Blockchain Codex systematically decodes this market with the goal of replacing confusion and complexity with an examination of the technology components and guidance on first steps.

Analysts believe blockchain has the potential to be the active ingredient for establishing universal trust amongst parties through clever code and peer consensus...

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