360° recruitment: a holistic recruitment process

Date10 June 2019
Publication Date10 June 2019
AuthorVinod Vincent
SubjectHR & organizational behaviour,Employee behaviour
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360° recruitment: a holistic recruitment
Vinod Vincent
Purpose This paper aimsto introduce the concept of 360˚ recruitment,which is a systematic, practical
and holisticrecruitment process that provides a reliableemployee-selection structurefor an organization
of any size.
Design/methodology/approach The recruitment process,which begins with establishing the correct
selection criteria, provides a 360˚ view of a candidate by combining assessments, job interviews,
referencechecks and job previews.
Findings Hiring the right employeesis critical for the growth and success of an organization. However,
many companiesdo not have an effective and reliable recruitment processthat enables them to hire top-
notch talent whoare highly compatible with the firm. The 360˚ recruitingprocess is a practical technique
that enables organizationsto evaluate job applicants from multiple angleswhile reducing the uncertainty
and the biases that are inherentin a typical recruiting process.
Originality/value The 360˚ recruitmentprocess is comprehensive yet practicaland can be used by an
organization ofany size. The technique, if properly administered,will optimize recruiting and ensure that
qualifiedand compatible employees are hiredinto the organization.
Keywords Human Resource Management, Recruitment, Employee Selection
Paper type Viewpoint
Employees are the backbone of an organization. Therefore, selecting and hiring the
right employees is critical for the success of a firm. On the other hand, the cost of
hiring the wrong people can be astronomical in terms of theactual dollars spent and
lost opportunities. Yet, many companies struggle with establishing a robust and reliable
recruitment process that facilitates the hiring of top-notch talent who are a good fit for the
Various reasons contribute to the lack of an effective recruiting process, which includes
resource constraints, time pressure, inexperienced hiring managers and an organizational
culture that does not emphasize the importance of recruiting and retaining good
employees. Most often, managers get bogged down by their day-to-day responsibilities, to
the extent that they become shortsighted and fail to see the value of spending sufficient
time and effort to hire the right people. Thisproblem is even more prevalent among small-to-
medium-size businesses thatdo not have the level of resources of a larger organization.
On the other hand, without adequate research, some firms have adopted expensive and
time-consuming recruiting processes that are not well aligned with the needs of the
business. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to introduce a holistic and pragmatic
recruiting process that willoptimize talent acquisition. The process, termed 360˚recruitment
(depicted in Figure 1), provides a business of any size with a rigorous and reliable structure
Vinod Vincent is based at
the College of Business,
Clayton State University,
Morrow, Georgia, USA.
PAGE 128 jSTRATEGIC HR REVIEW jVOL. 18 NO. 3 2019, pp. 128-132, ©Emerald Publishing Limited, ISSN 1475-4398 DOI 10.1108/SHR-02-2019-0006

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