Findings From ICO Visits To Credit Reference Agencies

Author:Mr Howard S. Altarescu, Timothy T. Brown, Harry Denlegh-Maxwell, Francesca Drake, Edward G. Eisert, Steven J. Fink, David Griffiths, Craig Johnston, Douglas S. Mintz, Richard Moudiotis, Robert B. Moyle, Katrina Murphy, Sushila Nayak, David L. Ridenour, Paul F. Rugani, Katie Lieberg Stowe, Darren S. Teshima and Boris Volodarsky

On September 30, the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) published a review of the manner in which personal data is processed by credit reference agencies (CRAs).

Although the report focuses on CRAs, the ICO states that the issues highlighted are equally relevant to other organizations processing large amounts of personal data and to lenders who share information with CRAs.

The report identified certain areas that could be improved, including implementing a process to remind organizations supplying data to CRAs of their obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998, and a system to ensure that all CRAs' clients are audited at least...

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