Addictive War's about to go viral

Published date03 July 2022
Publication titlePeople, The
A cyber attack is imminent. Peter Kosminsky's latest series The Undeclared War, which started on C4 on Thursday, is set in an all-too-plausible 2024. A near future where more bad stuff happens, such as the entire country being brought to its knees by a terrorist hacker

I'll just add this to my long list of anxieties, above "buy gifts for school teachers" and below "death of the planet". The sixpart thriller is set deep inside Government Communications Headquarters, where many, many tech nerds secretly analyse code to block cyber attacks.

Super-bright graduate Saara Parvin (Hannah Khalique-Brown) begins her work experience at GCHQ, on the same day that a routine stress test suddenly takes down half of the UK's infrastructure.

It's not clear what's happening but boss

Danny (Simon Pegg being unnaturally serious) looks extremely frazzled.

Online banking is down, online shopping is down, no Zoom, no Teams but, strangely, social media is unaffected and it just so happens to be in the run-up to an election. Cyber attack.

It's Russia, right? No one seems sure. The Prime Minister Andrew Makinde (Adrian Lester), who has recently ousted Boris Johnson from leadership, is mostly worried about his unpopularity. Which is mostly because he's deeply unpleasant.

Now the analysts have to crack the code, fast. And Kosminsky has a clever trick so that we don't spend six...

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