Aflac: the importance of communication and innovation when transforming employee operations

Publication Date11 November 2019
Date11 November 2019
AuthorTeresa White
SubjectHr & organizational behaviour,Employee behaviour
Aac: the importance of communication
and innovation when transforming
employee operations
Teresa White
Purpose This purposeof this study is to provide a case study for how the companystrives to provide its
employeeswith ‘‘new ways of working’’ through a culture of transformationand advancement.
Design/methodology/approach To demonstrate how Aflac effectively executes with strong results,
Teresa focuseson three specific programs: Aflac’s Career SuccessCenter, Upskilling Employees for the
Futureand Reverse Mentoring Programs.
Findings To date, 2,000þAflac employees have participated, with 1,300 obtaining promotions or
changingtheir career direction to somethingmore suited to their goals and talents.
Originality/value The importanceof transformation and advancement withina company.
Keywords Strategy, Collective leadership
Paper type Case study
If you aren’t innovating, you could be writing your own epitaph. But there is a right way
and many wrong ways to transform yourbusiness, with multiple areas of concerns. Not
the least of which is how you brace your workforcefor inevitable change.
Our innovation focus
Employees often fear transformation and why not, when so often it is delivered
without the adequate communication needed to assuage concerns? But Aflac isn’ t a
company that takes employee satisfaction and engagement lightly, and there is a
simple reason for that. Employees are the heartbeat of the company. They grow with
companies, and their talents should grow, as well. In fact, we have employees who
have been with us for more than 40 years, and we celebrate that. But that sort of
loyalty isn’t possible unless you are constantly innovating and sharing the b enefits of
innovation with the people who make the company work. That is why communica tion is
so vital to the success of any transformation plan. You need to set a tone by putting
your cards on the table for everyone to see exactly what they need to do to remain a
vital part of the organization. Once you’ve done that, fear often transforms, as well
into enthusiasm.
To deliver the best overall employee experience, we have implemented a variety of
initiatives that provide our employees with new ways of working through a culture of
transformation and advancement. Specifically, we have three key programs that focus on
this: the Aflac Career Success Center, Upskilling Employees for the Future and a Robust
Reverse Mentoring program.
Teresa White is based at
AFLAC Inc, Columbus,
Georgia, USA.
PAGE 250 jSTRATEGIC HR REVIEW jVOL. 18 NO. 6 2019, pp. 250-253, ©EmeraldPublishing Limited, ISSN 1475-4398 DOI 10.1108/SHR-07-2019-0066

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