Akamai revolutionises Bot management.

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Industry-first Web Security Technology--Akamai Bot Manager Designed to Allow True Management of Bots vs. Detection and Blocking Only

Based on analysis of traffic across the Akamai Intelligent Platform[TM], upward of 60 percent of an organisation's Web traffic may be generated by bots--programs that operate as an agent for a user or another program or simulate human activity. In response, Akamai Technologies, Inc., a global leader in content delivery network (CDN) services, recently introduced Akamai Bot Manager. Unlike traditional bot detection or mitigation solutions that only enable automated Web traffic to be discovered and/or blocked, Akamai Bot Manager is designed to allow companies doing business on the Web to adopt a new, more comprehensive, strategy when dealing with bots. By helping users better identify and understand what types of bot traffic are hitting their sites, and by providing remediation capabilities beyond simple blocking, Bot Manager can help customers take the most appropriate actions and have greater control over the business and IT impacts of bot traffic--both positive and negative.

Nearly all online businesses can be impacted by various types of bot traffic. This traffic may include scrapers that grab content or price information, automated "clicks" that fraudulently increase ad revenues and "transactional" bots that can be used to purchase limited...

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