Alpha Five database V5.0.

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Alpha Five Version 5 is designed to offer real choice in world wide desktop database market. Until now, users had to choose between MS Access (if they wanted power, but had,to live with its complexity and the length of time taken to build applications)' and FileMaker (if they wanted ease of use, but had to live with its limitations.

Version 5 of Alpha Five has many improvements for end users on the ease of use front while at the same time providing high levels of flexibility and power for developers.

For End Users

Version 5's scripting capability allows users to take control of their information making them self sufficient in terms of being able to build customized and automated applications, and solutions, for any business or organization. Alpha Five Version 5 is designed to provide the user with flexibility in manipulating and reporting on data, without acquiring programming skills.

For Developers

The key asset that a developer has is time. Alpha Five Version 5 (along with its built in languages XBasic and XDialog) was designed to maximize the productivity of professional developers. A project that might take 100...

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