THE AFRICAN LEGAL SUPPORT FACILITY (ALSF or Facility) is an international organization hosted by the African Development Bank (AfDB) in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. The proposal for a legal support facility was originally mooted in 2003 by African ministers of finance to assist them in vulture fund litigation. The ALSF was subsequently established by treaty in December 2008 and became operational in 2010. The ALSF's goal is to enhance the legal capacity of African countries to ensure fair and balanced litigation and negotiations outcomes, sustainable legal capacity, and an efficient business environment in Africa.

Accordingly, the Facility provides legal advisory services to African governments in the structuring and negotiation of complex commercial transactions relating to extractives and natural resources, power, infrastructure, PPPs, and sovereign debt.

Membership: The Facility currently has 60 members: 53 countries (including 5 non-African countries) and 7 international organizations.

Projects: Since 2010, 256 projects have been approved in 50 countries (including 52 projects in 2019 alone):

IN 2020, THE FACILITY HAS 111 ACTIVE PROJECTS IN 50 COUNTRIES 25% WEST 30% S0UTH 25% EAST 10% REGIONAL 10% CENTER Partners : The ALSF is mostly funded by the African Development Fund (ADF), as well as by 8 international organizations, 6 countries and 1 African State. The Facility also maintains an effective partnership with the AfDB. Other non-financial technical partners include African legal research centers, African academic institutions, bar associations and law societies, and bilateral and multilateral development organizations.

Beneficiaries : The ALSF's support is available to all African States that make a request.

Request form is available here: https://www.aflsf.ora


Charles Boamah, Immediate past Senior Vice President of the AfDB and Chairman of ALSF's Governing Council


Steve Karangizi, Director and CEO of ALSF

ALSF response to crosscutting issues:

For inclusive growth and sustainable development, the ALSF's projects promote:

--Good governance;

--Gender equality; and

--Environmental governance.


Annual budget: US$ 25 million Commitments...

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