Amdocs--AI gets sentimental at MWC.

Author:Youngerwood, Doron
Position:Mobile World Congress 2018: Trends and Comment from Industry Specialists

"Over the last year or so, we have witnessed a surge in the adoption of AI platforms to drive customer engagement and enable service providers to deal with the high volumes of inbound requests. Machine learning and automation have become essential due to the speed, scale, or complexity of the customer data that needs to be processed. Based on this intelligence, operators can anticipate issues that are likely to lead to complaints and pre-emptively engage with those customers before they pick up the phone to contact the call centre. AI can save operators time and money--reducing inbounds to call centres by around 15%, while increasing net promoter scores by 20%.

"We expect to see lots more traction in this space with AI making its mark at MWC this year, particularly in light of recent developments in the field of sentiment analysis. It's now possible to gain a deeper understanding of the customer's emotional state in real-time by...

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