Amr Moussa's Regional Round-Up.


As we enter a new year Amr Moussa (right), a former Arab League Secretary General and former Foreign Minister of Egypt, shared some of this thoughts with Ashara Al Awsat:

The year 2017 witnessed important developments linked to the ongoing movement of change in the Arab world. Some indicate that military clashes and terrorist acts will decrease, such as in Iraq, Syria and Libya, while others indicate that they will continue, such as in Yemen and terror attacks in Egypt's Sinai.

On the other hand, international efforts have intensified to reach political solutions that are still incomplete and expected to take shape in 2018. This is applied to the turbulent situation in the Fertile Crescent region, southern Arabian Peninsula and Arab countries in North Africa. Based on the above, the Arab world is unstable and so are its neighbors in the Horn of Africa and the Sahel region.

As for Iran, Turkey and Israel, they complete the picture of the Middle East and they lie in wait to reap any rewards. They stand in a position of power, have smart administrations, strong tactics and the ability to maneuver that enables them to achieve strategic visions. These are assets that are completely absent from or partially available to other regional countries.

This is a very brief introduction to the situation in our region at a time when we bid farewell to an old year and welcome a new one. The welcome cannot be complete without acknowledging that the reconstruction of Arab societies, through real and comprehensive reform (in the fields of education, economy, justice and administration and imposing the rule of the constitution, law and democracy...), has not taken place. Its real beginning has not even started yet, which deals a blow to the movement of change or at least slows it down. It weakens the Arab strategic position at a time when regional balances are being assessed to see who can be a partner and who can be fragmented or indefinitely destabilized.

This situation demands Arab citizens to call on governments to exercise caution. The region is headed towards a new reality and the search is on for the "new regional system," which will unavoidably be established. At this point a very honest proposal needs to be made.

Arab governments, or Arab rulers, do you want to keep on correcting the mistakes of the past or do you want to build a new Arab system that is based on a modern vision of Arab solidarity and that takes into consideration the factors of the 21...

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