Apologist for Trump.

Author:Mekonnen, Tefas
Position:Letters - Letter to the editor

I take very strong objection to the letter by Patrick Seal of the US published in the October issue of NA. Mr Seal launched a bizarre attack on the editorial by Anver Versi ('BRICS throw down the gauntlet') published the previous month.

Seal is clearly an apologist for Donald Trump and a supporter of the destructive trade war he has launched against China. But Seal, like his hero, Trump, had got his facts wrong and his reasoning is weak.

Among other things, Seal says: 'He (Versi) ignores the fact that the rise of China and Asia has come on the back of the almost total annihilation of the manufacturing sector in the US and Europe'. This is totally incorrect. The US and European manufacturing sector lost ground to China because it was inefficient and expensive. This is what prompted manufacturers in the West to...

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