Appeal a visa decision from outside the UK (non-ECO)

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterImmigration and Asylum Tribunal forms
Appeal against an In Country Decision when appealed outside of the UK
Information sheet
Part A
Complete this form if your right of appeal can only be exercised after having left the United Kingdom.
If you are appealing from outside the United Kingdom against a decision of an Entry Clearance Ocer, you must use appeal
form IAFT-6.
To help you complete this form, refer to the guidance provided
Help can also be found at
You can also lodge your appeal online and pay your fee at
Please retain this information sheet
Completing the form
The completed form should be:
Written in English
Written in BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS using black ink
Received by the Tribunal at the address shown on bottom of Part B no later than 28 calendar days
you received the Refusal Letter, or
28 calendar days after you left the United Kingdom if you were in the United Kingdom when the
decision against which you are appealing was made.
Your representative can also lodge the appeal for you once you have left the United Kingdom.
Please tick the boxes where appropriate, to show your answer.
Before you submit your appeal use the checklist below to ensure that we can successfully create your appeal.
Have you provided credit/debit card details?
Have you enclosed a copy of your Refusal Letter?
Have you enclosed a copy of the Reasons for Refusal which were attached to your Refusal Letter?
Have you provided details of the Grounds of your appeal?
Have you provided us with Out of Time reasons (if applicable)?
Have you provided us with photocopies of your documents?
(Do not send original documents e.g. Passport, Marriage/Birth certicate/ID Card)
Have you completed all the relevant sections?
Have you signed the three declarations at page 1, page 11 and page 12?
Please Note: Incomplete appeal forms will be returned to addressee.
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