Appeal a visa or immigration decision (outside the UK)

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterImmigration and Asylum Tribunal forms
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IAFT-3 Notes
Information on appealing to the First-tier Tribunal
(Immigration and Asylum Chamber)
This leaf‌let provides further information on how to decide whether to appeal, and how to
bring an appeal to the Tribunal if that is what you decide to do.
If you want to know more about the appeals process and payment of fees, please see the
fees guidance at This includes details
of the current legislation under which fees are charged.
The Home Off‌ice Refusal Letter sent with this leaf‌let tells you how to appeal to the First-
tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) if you think the Home Off‌ice decision is
Deciding whether to appeal
The Refusal Letter explains reasons why your application was refused. You may appeal to
the tribunal if you think the decision is wrong. The time limit for appealing is
28 calendar days from the date of departure from the United Kingdom if your right of
appeal can only be exercised after you have left the United Kingdom.
Fees for your appeal
Most immigration appeals require a fee to be paid before the tribunal will process them.
A guide to completing IAFT-3 Appeal Form
Information on Fee Payment
Notice of Appeal to the First-tier Tribunal
(Immigration and Asylum Chamber)
Overseas appeal against a decision made inside the UK

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