Appendix 3: July 2018 Brexit White Paper

Published date06 December 2018
Date06 December 2018
In July 2018, the UK Government issued a White Paper (HMGOV, 2018)
that outlined its detailed vision for the post-Brexit relationship with the UK.
This document (colloquially known as the Chequers Proposals) has become
the negotiating blueprint for the UK, despite its rejection by both ardent
Brexiteers and by the European Union. In summary, the UK is looking to
sign an Association Agreementunder Article 217 of the Treaty of the
Functioning of the European Union (EU). Association Agreements can be
broad in scope and are dened as involving reciprocal rights and obligations,
common actions and special procedures (EU, 2008, p. 98). Typically, these
have been signed with EU border states such as the Ukraine to give them
some privileged access to EU markets without requiring full membership.
The UK proposal extends previous uses of this instrument to include
economic and political relationships and to propose a new governance
Three governance streams are proposed, economic, security and cross cut-
tingthat then come together into a joint UK/EU Governing Board/
Committee structure that is empowered to make the decisions on the rela-
tionships future direction that are then to be ratied by each Parliament.
The framework if agreed would give the UK a formal consultation role on
new EU Regulations at both a political and a technical level. The stated aim
is to maintain same level of consultation and pre-decision access for matters
where the UK accepts EU rules as a Member State has despite the UK not

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